Surgical device for the reconstruction of bony structures

Surgical device to be used in the reconstruction of bone structures, particularly suitable for use after resection, partial or total, as a result of traumatic events and in general in all cases in which a portion of bone is absent and there is need for a reconstruction.

Title of the patent Surgical device for the reconstruction of bony structures
Thematic area Biomedical
Ownership Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna
Inventors Leonardo Ciocca, Roberto Scotti, Massimiliano Fantini, Franco Persiani
Protection Italy
Licensing status Available for licensing agreement
Keywords Guide surgical resection of the mandible, structure stabilization, reconstruction mandibular bone regeneration
Filed on Mar 31, 2011

Bone reconstruction is now practiced in many parts of the body and is often preceded by the removal of damaged or diseased segments of the object just after reconstruction.

The device has a main body retention, preferably in the form of bar, to maintain in connection - and then stabilize - the remaining parts of bone and prevent that they can suffer dislocations e.g. due to muscular tension. In this main body retention are associated means for supporting the restorative material of graft and attachment means. The device also includes means for recording specific planned and unique positioning of the device compared to the same area of the body of the patient. All above mentioned components are integrated in a same device and rigidly connected, with each other.

The patented invention provides several significant advantages over existing techniques. The main advantage consists in the fact that the surgical device of the invention ensures a reconstruction maintaining in situ stable, reliable and repeatable tissue grafting, and then a reconstruction orthognathic optimal. In addition, the reconstructive surgery is simplified.