UniBo awarded with IAU Internationalisation Learning Badge

The International Association of Universities (IAU) has recently awarded the University of Bologna with the “Achieving Comprehensive Internationalization” Learning badge.

iauThe IAU is the leading global association of higher education institutions and organisations from around the world and is an independent, non-governmental organization, acting as the global voice of higher education to UNESCO. The IAU Internationalization badge marks the achievement of milestones along the journey of internationalization, validating the time, effort and resources institutions invest in the significant cultural change required by internationalization processes. The badge also provides external validation of the institution’s work for both internal and external stakeholders and visible recognition of an institution’s progress and accomplishments in internationalization.

ISAS 2.0 LogoIn this context, the project “ISAS 2.0”represented an engaging exercise to put forward a self-evaluation process that gave us the opportunity to inspire an internal reflection on where we are now and where we want to be in the future, if we aim to improve our contribute to society. The University of Bologna participated in the self-evaluation project in 2019 with an assessment of its overall Comprehensive Internationalization. By Comprehensive internationalization the IAU means the commitment, confirmed through action, to infuse the teaching, research, and service missions of higher education with international and comparative perspectives. From this perspective, internationalization is key in shaping institutional ethos and values, eventually embracing the higher education institution in its entirety. For this, it is essential that institutional leadership welcome internationalisation at all levels: in its governance, faculties, student community, and all academic service and support units. As such, internationalization is an institutional imperative, not just a desirable possibility.

The University of Bologna was awarded this badge for its accomplishments in the enhancement of teaching, research and engagement through internationalization. In drafting its own University Strategic Plan 2019 - 2021, the University of Bologna (UNIBO) has decided to rate internationalization not as an autonomous pillar but rather as a transversal dimension to all the three main goals of the institution: research, education and the third mission. In this way, internationalization pervades the University’s goals and indications, thus becoming part of a broader vision and approach. Internationalization is embedded in the decision-making process and in the activities of all the 32 departments of the University of Bologna. A continuous flow of information and joint definition of policies and procedures between governance, management system and the departments is essential to guarantee a shared approach to internationalization and its related services which require high standards.

Published on: 20 November 2020