Ultimate Frisbee: double victory for the CUS-Bologna male and female teams

After winning two Eusas with the male basketball team and the female volley team, two more continental victories for the athletes of Alma Mater. No other Italian University Sports team has ever reached this high.

An unheard, resounding victory for the University Sports Centre (CUS) at the University of Bologna. A great victory for CUS-Bologna in Caorle (Venice) during the Ultimate Frisbee Champions League finals. Although this season started off as frightening for Italian teams, CUS-Bologna hits the jackpot. During the summer, CUS-Bologna won two Eusa titles with the male basketball team and the female volley team. In Caorle, men and women together taught all Europe a lesson.

The men team’s win was incredibly spectacular and pushed the audience on the brink of tears. The CUS-Bologna male team played against the Brits from Clapham, who, in the past two years, had mocked and tricked the Bologna team. In Caorle, history was rewritten: CUS team “La Fotta” crushed the English rivals with the astonishing result of 15-7.

The women team success is perhaps less clear-cut but similarly fascinating. The frisbee female team “Shout” confirms last year’s victory by merciless playing against the “Cosmic Girls” from Russia, winning for 15-11 and reaching Europe’s top position.

Male team members were: Alberto Tonelli, Alessandro Fiorentino, Alessandro Franceschi, Andrea Mastroianni, Arturo Laffi (captain), Bruno Mine (captain), Davide Morri, Edoardo Trombetti, Enrico Mastroianni, Fabio Coppi, Filippo Simonazzi, Gabriel Cazzola, Gabriele Calarota, Gabriele Spisso, Giovanni Santucci, Ivan Cantù, Luca Tognetti, Massimo Vagliviello, Michele Angella, Pádraig Sweeney, Riccardo Venturoli, Riccardo Zanni, Simone Gasperini (captain), Stefano Sgubbi, Tobias Mine e Wolfgang Mitterer. The team can also count on Ottavio Martinelli, athletic trainer, and Stefan Rekitt, team coach. The best defence players were Luca Tognetti and Giovanni Santucci, while Riccardo Zanni and Alberto Tonelli were best strikers.

The best players in the female team were: Gaia Pancotti (defense captain), Sofia Scazzieri, Greta Melega, Cecilia Scagliarini e Anna Ceschi (returning from her visinting scholarship in the US for this championship). The “Shout” team features: Anna Ceschi, Cecilia Scagliarini, Chiara Lolli, Emma Castellani, Federica Cipriani, Francesca Placanica, Francesca Sorrenti, Gaia Pancotti (captain), Gaia Sdruscia, Giada Bolognesi, Giulia Calarota, Giulia Cutò, Giulia Nones, Giulia Vandelli, Greta Melega, Ilaria Bonfante (captain), Irene Scazzieri (captain), Laura Farolfi, Laura Niederhauser, Lavinia Recchioni, Maria Chiara Frangipane, Sara Rabaglia, Silke Delafortrie, Silvia Borghi, Sofia Scazzieri e Veronique Mayor with their coaching staff Rocco di Michele, athletic trainer, Mattia Santori e Giulio Scozzari, team coaches. Finally, both teams relied upon physiotherapist Alessandro Vitti and team manager Marco Barattini.

Published on: 01 October 2019