Tutors and blended learning activities

The board of Governors of the University of Bologna approved the call for applications for 367 tutoring positions of 150 hours each to help CESIA and teaching staff members equip the classrooms for blended learning activities during a.y. 2020/21.

Soon the call for applications for 367 tutoring positions will open. 150 hours for each tutor who will work within the degree programmes of a.y. 2020/21.

In agreement with each Department, Teaching Service Providers and Campuses will issue the call for applications for tutors supporting the teaching staff with the technological tools and the setup of blended learning platforms.

CESIA will select some tutors and assign them to the Contact centre where they will work at the help desk supporting teaching staff members with the technological equipment and the platforms for blended learning.

Teaching with blended learning tools implies that classrooms and labs need IT equipment and devices that will make it possible for professors to teach their in-class and online students at the same time while recording their lectures. Besides teaching, professors will moderate the discussion both online and in-class and thus will act as mediators, eventually creating dynamic lectures with all the tools available.

Published on: 08 July 2020