The whole wide world at Alma Orienta Virtual Fair thanks to the International Cafè

From Asia to South America through the Middle East, Europe and Africa: more or less 30 Unibo ambassadors enlivened the conversation at the international students' virtual room, giving advice and telling about their experiences in Italy.
International Cafè

Almost 2,000 international prospective students participated in Alma Orienta Virtual Fair from all over the world. The two-day student fair of the University of Bologna this year was online for the first time. This meant that many students, who otherwise could not have taken part in the fair, had the opportunity to talk to professors and tutors and to attend the presentations of Unibo's programme catalogue and services.

The University of Bologna organized for international students special chats and sessions in English, as well as information material on enrolment from abroad, on its international programme catalogue and its opportunities and services. But there's more. A new entry in this year's student fair is the International Café, a virtual space where international prospective students could meet their fellow international students who are already enrolled in the University of Bologna and talk to them, ask them for advice and listen to their experiences here in Italy.

The International Café went on for the two days of Alma Orienta and saw about thirty Unibo ambassadors livening up the chat room: young students and alumni from all over the world who chose the Alma Mater for their university careers. These Unibo ambassadors took the virtual stage of the International Cafè during the fair, taking turns according to their geographical area of​​ origin. The International Cafè spanned from Asia and Oceania to North and South America, through the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Our ambassadors met other students from the same areas and answered questions about how to enrol, about university life at the Unibo Campuses, as well as about programmes, services and opportunities. This was a further opportunity for discussion and guidance offered by a University that not only has 86 international degree programmes, but also grants, scholarships and services for all students who choose the University of Bologna from all over the world.

Published on: 20 May 2020