The strike at the University which will be in operation in the period: August 28 – October 31

The strike which will have as a result, in some cases, the cancellation or rescheduling of exams.

The CRUI (the National Association of Universities) has written a note which can be summarised as follows:

  1. The strike has been legally authorized by an ad hoc “Commissione di garanzia” (a sort of National board) which on August 28 established some general conditions, in addition to the guidelines issued by the organizations that have called the strike;
  2. In many (but not all) cases, during the period of the strike, two sessions of exams have been foreseen: in the case of a single session, and if the exam is cancelled due to the strike, it will be rescheduled but only for a date at least 14 days later; in the case of two different sessions for the exam, it may happen that the professor will not organize an extra date to make up for the first session.

However, an extra session must be organized for those students who, due to time constraints, risk missing the Autumn Laurea session.

We are aware that the professors who will be striking do not intend to harm the students. Consequently we have asked the academic community for full collaboration in rescheduling an extra exam session as soon as possible (either because only one session was foreseen or because students aiming to graduate in the Laurea session in Autumn were registered for the first session) but only after 14 days have elapsed since the first session.

The common objective, in fact, is to avoid postponing the Autumn Laurea session, in the interest of the students.

We also guarantee that the deadlines for grant applications will be adjusted to be compatible with the possible delays induced by the effects of the strike and the organisation of extra sessions for the exams.