The new vehicle of the Onda Solare Team has been presented at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello

It’s called Emilia 4 LT, the evolution of the successful Emilia 4: the new four-seater solar car of the Alma Mater is ready for the World Solar Challenge 2019 to be held next October in Australia.

The Emilia 4 LT, the four-seater solar vehicle designed by the University of Bologna that will compete across Australia in the “Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019” was presented at the Ferrari Museum (Via Alfredo Dino Ferrari, 43 - Maranello) from 6 to 20 October.

During its official presentation, open to the press and all enthusiasts, a temporary exhibition of various vehicles developed in recent years for the “Solar Challenge” was also inaugurated in the Convention Hall of the Ferrari Museum, open free of charge until 15 August/for two weeks.

The Emilia 4 LT, the evolution of the successful Emilia 4, is the latest creation of the Onda Solare Team, which involves students from technical secondary schools “IIS A. Ferrari” in Maranello and “ITS Maker Automotive” that offer training on cutting-edge automotive technologies. The lecturers and researchers of the University of Bologna also ensure that the team is always at the forefront of research and experimentation.

Many local companies, most notably Grafite Compositi of Castel San Pietro Terme, largely contributed to the development of the prototype involving thousands of hours of project work, including drawings and electrons, sleepless nights in autoclaves and public holidays spent working with wood shavings and carbon.

In recent years, the Onda Solare Team has participated in numerous international solar competitions with the prototypes Emilia 2, Emilia 3 and Emilia 4, which last year won first place in the American Solar Challenge, where it was the only European participant.

Emilia 4 Long Tail Evolution 2019 is an Italian four-seater solar car, which already proved last year that it has what it takes to win. This year, thanks to extensive research and design, it has a brand new look. In fact, the new version of the car has been enhanced with innovations and technological solutions: from the materials, especially carbon fibre, to the mechanics, specially designed and optimised down to the smallest detail, including two electric motors, one on each wheel with control electronics, and a 5-square-metre solar panel. The car is now capable of transporting four people at a maximum speed of 120 km per hour and consumes less than a hair dryer: only 1.2 kW.

An ambitious solar electric vehicle, designed with a view to possibly obtaining approval for road use and everyday use. This product is an excellent example of the technological and professional resources that the Emilia region has to offer. 

From 6 October, for 12 days, it will undergo extreme testing during the World Solar Challenge 2019, across 3,000 km of Australian desert.

Published on: 05 August 2019