The European LIFE programme celebrates 30 years

Find out about the projects coordinated by researchers at the University.

2022 marked an important event for the European LIFE programme when it celebrated its 30-year anniversary.

The LIFE programme is the European Union's funding instrument for the environment. During these years, the University of Bologna has participated with numerous innovative and effective projects.

Today, researchers from the University are responsible for coordinating four LIFE projects:

It started out with the aim of protecting wild bees and other pollinators in the Mediterranean area. It developed through citizen science to involve people and create a virtuous circle leading to a change in human practices that are putting pollinators and biodiversity at risk.

GREAT LIFE - Creative Agriculture
Its aim is to experiment with new resilient crops in order to reduce climate change impact on agricultural activities in the Po Valley. It involves the entire agricultural supply chain, from cultivation to processing to consumers, with the aim of creating a community that believes in the value of food, for the protection of natural resources, the environment and health.

The project studies solutions to mitigate the risk of backward erosion piping in riverbanks, a type of internal erosion process, which results from the removal and transport of soil particles by seepage pressures, which can occur during high water events.

Proposes an integrated thermochemical-biological strategy to manage the disposal of sludge from wastewater treatment. It has two objectives, to reduce the amount of sludge and to use it as a raw material. 

Published on: 28 December 2022