Tell us about your Erasmus experience

With "Erasmus Generation - The Series" you can tell about your Erasmus experience and, if your story is chosen you can star in a television series.
 Erasmus generation

If you are familiar with the Erasmus Programme or were involved in it, you have surely asked yourself: “Why is there not a series that tells the story of the amazing Erasmus experience?

Wonder no more: the time has come. Tell us about it.

The series is currently being developed.

"Erasmus Generation - The Series" is a new television series which wants to bring the stories of an entire generation of young Europeans to the screen: the Erasmus Generation.
And it will be done in the most innovative way, by gathering “authentic Erasmus experiences”. If you have been or are an Erasmus student, send your story to the Erasmus Generation website.

If you are chosen, you will star in one of the episodes.

In addition to promoting the Erasmus programme and contributing to consolidating the European identity, the most ambitious objective of the project is to set up study grants for students wishing to live the Erasmus experience.