Studying and doing research in Germany: Online informative meetings on DAAD scholarships

With a series of online informative meetings, starting on 22 October 2020, DAAD Italia offers potential applicants the opportunity to find out all about German universities and receive information on DAAD scholarships. Deadline: 1 December.


  • scholarships for summer courses / German language courses to be held at German universities in the summer of 2021 (for second- and third-year Bachelor’s degree students and PhD students)

  • scholarships for two master’s degree programmes in Germany

  • research scholarships for master’s degree graduates, PhD students and PhD co-tutorship graduates.

This series of meetings will include introductory meetings on the German university system, a detailed presentation of the scholarships mentioned above and, to conclude, meetings focusing on how applicants can improve their DAAD scholarship application. There is no need to register. Applicants can choose the meetings they are interested in and participate directly.

Further information


DAAD contact person at the University of Bologna: Anna Nissen

Published on: 20 October 2020