Study grants "Only the Brave"

6,000 for female students enrolling in political or economics programmes. Deadline for applications: 23 November.

The University, together with ER.GO (Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education), provides study grants for female students enrolling in one of the second-cycle degree programmes listed. The funds are provided by OTB Foundation.

You can take part if

  • your ISEE value is between EUR 24,335.12 and EUR 35,000.00
  • you are enrolling in the first year of one of the University of Bologna second-cycle degree programmes listed at the end of this e-mail

Read the call for applications

How to participate

  • If you have already submitted your ISEE to ER.GO for other benefits, you do not need to present any other documents. All you have to do is apply on Studenti Online (in the “Bandi” section, select “Bando di concorso per Borse di studio OTB Foundation a.a. 2023/2024”).  Apply through Studenti Online
  • If you have not yet submitted your ISEE for other purposes, you may do so for these study grants by the deadline and in the manner described in the call

Second-cycle degree programmes for which you can apply for a study grant

Published on: 21 July 2023