SIM cards with 100 gigabytes data plans for students to use for distance learning

This initiative is part of Unibo's plan for digitalizing teaching activities. During the first semester of a.y. 2020/21, courses will be both in-class and online.

The University of Bologna will make available for students SIM cards with a monthly data plan of 100 gigabytes, so that they can attend online classes. Students will have to claim the SIM cards through a call for applications that the University of Bologna will issue in August. 

During the first semester of the next academic year, teaching activities will follow a blended-learning approach, both in-class and online. In compliance with the current regulations and safety protocols, the University of Bologna is currently devising strategies to resume in-class teaching activities with as many students as possible. At the same time, several initiatives are underway to allow students to attend classes online. Handing out SIM cards with 100 gigabytes a month is one of these initiatives.

The Student Council approved this extraordinary measure, which will be presented to the Academic Bodies during their next meeting. This initiative is one of the many the University of Bologna is deploying for improving the digitalization of teaching activities and student services: the SIM cards will be purchased using Government funding aimed at reducing the digital divide.

Students will be eligible to receive a SIM card if they are enrolled at the University of Bologna (up to one year past the envisaged time for completing their degree programme) and with an ISEE indicator lower than 35,000. The University will publish a call for applications in August and eligible students will get their SIM card at the address they provided.

Published on: 10 July 2020