Patrick Zaky honorary citizen of Rimini

The Rimini City Council, in the session of 6 April, approved the conferral of the honorary citizenship on Patrick Zaki.


  • For having become a symbol of the universal struggle against the deprivation of the irrepressible right to individual freedom, the violation of human rights and the arbitrariness in imposing an unjustified and unjust imprisonment;
  • To be a student of the University of Bologna, which also has one of his branch in the city of Rimini, and therefore to be one of our university students;
  • Because Rimini, a city decorated with the gold medal for civil valor, recognizes itself in the values ​​of peace, rejection of all individual and collective violence and coercion and, therefore, considers every person subjected to deprivation of liberty to be a fellow citizen.
Published on: 07 April 2021