Resumption of blended teaching activities

From 19 April the University of Bologna will resume its blended teaching activities for all students regardless of their year of enrolment, but with mandatory booking.

From Monday, April 19, the University of Bologna will resume its blended teaching activities. This, of course, will not prevent the possibility for students to continue attending their classes online. All students, regardless of their year of enrolment, will be able to attend lectures in class provided that they book their seat through the App Presente.

Students must use the App Presente to check seat availability in the classrooms and to receive updates from professors in case of changes to the lectures and their mode of delivery. Everyone needs to be extremely alert and must rigorously abide by the Safety Protocol in place at the University's facilities. Moreover, students and staff members alike must follow the rules of social distancing, hand sanitising and always wear a mask to protect their airways.

Professors can carry our written and oral examinations in class, however, they will also allow students to take them remotely. Until further notice from the Emilia-Romagna Region, graduation sessions will be carried out online.

Rector Francesco Ubertini: "I hope that this partial resumption of our in-class activities represents a first step in the direction of a new normal and, for this, I rely on all of you to be responsible and collaborative. In this way, we can get back to doing what we have missed the most during this long and difficult time: sharing and meeting together."

Published on: 12 April 2021