Ranking Times Higher Education: the University of Bologna in the world's top 200 universities

The Alma Mater earns in a year forty positions and wins the place 180 worldwide in the ranking drawn up by the English magazine Times Higher Education

With a leap forward of forty positions, the University of Bologna reaches for the first time the top 200 of the world universities in the ranking drawn up by the English magazine Times Higher Education (THE). If in fact last year the Alma Mater had arrived at the 220 place, in the 2019 edition of the ranking - announced today - the University of Bologna is advancing to conquer the number 180 place worldwide. Considering that in the world there are about 26 thousand universities, the Alma Mater confirms itself, also according to the Times Higher Education ranking, in 1% of the best universities at a global level.

The overall score of the University of Bologna grows from 50.6, marked last year to 54.7 this year. In particular, the Alma Mater obtains the best results in the indicator concerning the quality of teaching (which goes from 43.6 to 51.2) and the reputation in the field of scientific research (which goes from 80 to 82.7). And there are substantial improvements also for the overall evaluation of the research activity (which goes from 30.1 to 32.6) and for the results of collaborations between the University and companies (from 39.1 to 43.9).

"Having reached the top 200 world rankings in the QS ranking last year, the University of Bologna is one of the best universities in the world according to the prestigious ranking of Times Higher Education", says Rector Francesco Ubertini. "Although we can not rely solely on rankings to assess the quality of a university, it is a result we are very satisfied with, because once again it shows that the effort made in recent years to make the Alma Mater an international point of reference is recognized and rewarded".

Published on: 10 October 2018