Merit Mention to socially engaged students of the University of Bologna

The University launched a new initiative acknowledging students who engaged in social and volunteering activities and cared for the common good in the past months amidst the COVID-19 health emergency

A survey will be carried out among students to find out more about their commitment to volunteering initiatives, which are carried out independently from their studies, but nevertheless represent a valuable experience in their career paths. 

The University of Bologna is launching an experimental third-mission initiative which focuses on including sustainability as a major development strategy, following Unibo strategic plan. Through a survey, the University of Bologna intends to reach out to those students who engaged in volunteering initiatives during the COVID-19 health emergency. Moreover, Unibo intends to bestow on them the merit mention recognizing their active citizenship and exemplary civic commitment. 

By October, 1, students shall complete the survey, which was developed under the guidance of the Student Council and is open to all students enrolled in any degree programme and to 2020 graduates. This initiative aims to understand and collect information about the involvement of the student community in active citizenship, which activities they carried out and how many merits mentions to assign.

Many students were extremely responsive to the needs of their communities, in Italy or abroad, making their time, skills and competence available to active citizenship initiatives and committing to volunteering civic activities. Their commitment represents an added value for the entire community of the University of Bologna. As a community, we can count on responsible and active citizens, who are able to make suggestions and promptly act in the construction of a fairer and more sustainable future.

Once the data from the survey is collected, the University will evaluate the eligibility criteria for receiving the merit mention. At this initial and experimental stage, students who had experiences of volunteering civic engagement, before but also during the COVID-19 health crisis, will be awarded the merit mention.

To take part in the survey, students shall use their Unibo login details. For any questions or doubts regarding the survey, students can write an email to .

Published on: 07 September 2020