Coronavirus update: remote teaching activities in all Alma Mater Campuses

Covid label turns from “orange” to “dark orange”. The safety Protocol regulating the University’s activities changes for facilities in Bologna, Imola and Ozzano, and from March 2nd also in the Romagna Campuses.

The Rector's message:

Dear students and colleagues,

I am writing to you because a further Regional Decree is about to be made public and it extends the provisions previously applied to the metropolitan area of Bologna and other towns to all the local healthcare facilities (AUSL) in Romagna except for Forlì. For this reason, I inform you that, from Tuesday, March 2, the organisational measures regulating our activities contained in the last "Infoateneo" and the Director General's communication (both of Friday, February 26) shall apply to all the campuses of the University of Bologna including Forlì.

For the sake of clarity, I enclose said measures below:

All campuses and facilities of the University of Bologna

As per the new Regional Decree, starting 27th of February for the metropolitan area of Bologna and for Imola and Ozzano, starting 2nd of March for all other Campuses, teaching activities will be carried out remotely.  Teaching staff members can teach remotely or in our fully-equipped classrooms. Whatever their choice, classes will take place according to the already established timetable. Having a stable Internet connection constitutes a prerequisite for choosing the first option.

In any case, the University guarantees remote exam sessions without prejudice to the possibility of doing them also in person in case the use of specific equipment or labs is required.

The Regional Conference of universities decided that lab-activities and internships at our facilities can be carried out in person.

Teaching staff, research fellows, PhD students, researchers, and residents can continue attending our facilities for thesis-drafting and research. This also applies to scholarship holders who have to perform their activities at our facilities.

On the other hand, graduation sessions and graduation days will take place exclusively online.

Libraries shall remain open, but booking is necessary. Study rooms shall also remain open with the capacity stated in the safety Protocol and in compliance with said Protocol.

Technical-administrative staff members shall consider the technical-administrative duties enabling the activities above as undeferrable. The same applies to the technic, logistic, administrative and managing duties that cannot be undertaken remotely. 

The measures contained in the Director General's communication shall apply to the management of emergency-remote working of staff members of all campuses.

The Regional Decree does not limit mobility due to work reasons to and from the areas affected by the change of colour.

I am aware of the discomfort that such sudden changes may bring. However, as you already know, these provisions are devised to adapt to the development of the pandemic, and sadly the whole country is still struggling. I urge those of you who will continue to go to our facilities to pay the utmost respect for the safety Protocol. I also invite everyone to follow the safety rules with which we are all familiar by now. Once again, we are called to a collective effort in order to safeguard everyone's health.

Published on: 26 February 2021