Civilian Service at the University of Bologna

Discover the projects and submit your application by 10 October - 14:00 h.

If you are between 18 and 28 years old, a European citizen, or non-European citizen with a valid permit to reside in Italy, and are interested in joining the voluntary Universal Civilian Service, you can do so at one of the campuses of the University of Bologna.

Why the civilian service?

To take advantage of an important and often unique personal growth opportunity, add a qualifying experience to your CV and dedicate your time to solidarity and the good of others.


At the University! In 2019 the University offers you the opportunity to choose from a number of projects to be carried out on different campuses. There are 3 projects in Bologna, 1 project in Forlì, 1 project in Rimini and 1 project in Ravenna.

For how long?

The voluntary civilian service lasts 12 months: a total of 1,145 hours per year, minimum 25 mandatory hours per week, including 20 days of paid leave. In addition to the important work experience, which you will be able to add to your CV, you will accrue a number of training hours offered by Arci Servizio Civile and the University of Bologna.

What are volunteers offered?

Volunteers are paid €439.50 per month and, depending on the project, credits valid for certain Degree Programmes.

Who qualifies?

Anyone who is between the age of 18 and 28 and an EU citizen, or a non-EU citizen with a valid permit to reside in Italy, has not already joined the civilian service as a volunteer and meets the other requirements listed in the call for applications. 

You can choose one of the projects offered by the University and submit your application using the DOL (Application On Line) platform, accessible from PCs, tablets and smartphones at

To access the application submission services on the DOL platform, candidates must be recognised by the system via SPID or the use of specific credentials. 

Italian citizens and non-EU citizens living in Italy with a valid residence permit can access the platform only using the Public System for Digital Identity, SPID.  Information on SPID, the services it offers and how to request it can be found on the website of the Agency for Digital Italy,

Instead, EU citizens, excluding Italian, Swiss, Icelandic, Norwegian and Liechtenstein citizens (who cannot yet use SPID), and citizens of non-EU countries waiting for a residence permit, can access the DOL platform after requesting special credentials from the Department, following a procedure available on the platform’s home page. 

A guide on how to fill in and submit applications on the DOL platform can be found on the website of the Department for Youth Policies, and

Applications can be submitted only following the online procedure described above by 14:00 h on 10 October 2019. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted by the system.

We recommend reading the call for applications carefully as it describes the procedures and documents required and how to submit applications.

Candidates can submit only one application for one project at one location and will have to attend a selection interview.

How and which projects can I choose from?

Below you will find an overview of the new projects offered by the Multicampus University. You will find a detailed information sheet, with all the information on how to fill in and submit your application, attached to the call for applications.

  • Unibo4all: improving inclusion and accessibility at university 2019/20 – 4 places
    The project’s goal is to support with greater care and effectiveness students with special needs who require more constant and continuous help in terms of assistance and specially to learn and study. - Bologna (3 places) Forlì (1 place)
  • BE SMART 2.0: volunteers for the University Museum System – 35 places
    The project aims to add significantly to the cultural offer of the city of Bologna, increasing public participation and ensuring that the university museums can stay open including on national holidays in order to organise leisure and educational activities designed to turn museums into spaces for children to explore, experiment and enjoy. - Bologna   
  • Psychological Support Service for Unibo students and young adults – 4 places
    The objective of the project is to facilitate access to the Psychological Support Service and increase the total number of students it can take care of every year; provide different types of support to students affected by psychological distress and behavioural issues; offer increasingly more personalised and individually targeted psychological help; provide study method and strategies, increasing the number of students who can take advantage of this service. - Bologna
  • I learn, write, communicate: University for the community - 18 places
    The project aims to inform and encourage high school students, university students and citizens in general, diffuse the educational and cultural opportunities available locally, support student sociality, teach integration and acceptance, particularly towards students, cultures, languages and religions of other countries. - Ravenna
  • University: study, live, work - 7 places
    The Rimini Campus aims to support students’ integration into university life. Guidance, reception, listening, support and monitoring activities will be offered to first-year students and other students at the Campus, including international students. In addition, relations between the Campus and secondary schools will be consolidated, career guidance events will be organised, communication services will be supported, as well as Library and Pharmaceutical and chemical laboratory activities.- Rimini

Where do I get more info?

For further information, please refer to the Arci Servizio Civile office.

NOTE: information requests and applications must be sent to the Arci Servizio Civile branch relevant to the project chosen.

Published on: 12 September 2019