Alma Mater's cultural events are online all day long

Training sessions for body and mind, thought-inspiring talks by University's professors, readings by artists and writers, columns about Museums and virtual tours to the Botanical Garden. The University's captivating calendar of events has recently added the first virtual choir of the Collegium Musicum.
cultural events are online

New virtual events enrich the cultural programme of the University to increasingly involve the Alma Mater community through social media and other online channels.

Sports and cultural activities liven up the University's FacebookInstagram and YouTube profiles and follow the days of Unibo students and staff members, as well as those of the city of Bologna. Despite the distance, we can keep our bodies and minds trained, we can also continue to stay alert and focused and maintain a network of interests, while coping with an historic event that is as unexpected as it is worrying.

Every morning at 8.30 am from Monday to Friday:  Train with UniBo, the training sessions by CUSB Master trainers. Total body, pilates, yoga and much more: wake up your muscles before your day of study or work sitting in front of a computer.

Every day at 12.00 pm "Words for us" will showcase great cinema and theatre artists giving voice to thinkers and poets of the past while actually talking about our present. The words of Homer and Vigil, Aeschylus, Plato, Sophocles, Aristotle, Seneca, Augustine, Lucretius and Marcus Aurelius go unchanged through the passage of time and fads, finding fresh voices to foster new hope.

From Monday to Friday at 9 pm, #UniboSera offers the whole academic and civic community some thoughts arisen within the University about the time of waiting, changes in our habits, fears, new socializing forms, time perception and the act of waiting projected into the future.

All the videos of Train with Unibo, Words for us and #Unibosera are posted on the Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profiles of the University and are always available for you to re-watch in dedicated sections and on the Unibo portal.

In addition to these events, the first virtual choir of the Collegium Musicum of the Alma Mater is also online: another example of how even choirs do not relent because of the virus. Besides the many videos already on the Collegium Musicum YouTube channel, such as that of the show dedicated to Rossini for the inauguration of the academic year last 20 November, soon the Collegium Musicum will update its channel with new music-related initiatives.

And there's more: "Quarantalks", the daily appointments with the Bologna Business School. Every day on the BBS Instagram profile at 6.30 pm, a live broadcast of 40 minutes with Barbara Carfagna, Andrea Pezzi and Andrea Potremoli interviewing and discussing with a number of Italian and international guests.

The University Museum System (SMA) has joined the Emilia Romagna regional campaign #laculturanonsiferma (culture doesn’t stop) and is regularly posting themed content on their Facebook page, including videos on history and about thoughs about our present time, as well as videos about the types of professionals working at SMA and on people and treasures of the past. The SMA will periodically devote one post to the Botanical Garden, allowing us to discover and enjoy the flowers blooming in March through videos and pictures, while other videos will contain tutorials with some easy-to-do activities for children.

Published on: 30 March 2020