"Vulcanus in Giappone" Programme

"Vulcanus in Japan" is a programme offering students of the European Union the possibility to do an internship in a Japanese industry.

General information

The "Vulcanus in Japan" programme offers European students the chance to perform an internship in a Japanese industry. The programme begins in September and ends in August the following year.
The students participate in:

  • A week-long seminar on Japan;
  • An intensive Japanese language course lasting four months;
  • An eight-month internship in a Japanese industry.

Requirements for participation

The candidates must be:

  • European Union citizens;
  • Students registered at a university in the European Union;
  • University students at technical or scientific faculties  (Computing, Engineering, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Physics, Mathematics, Architecture)

Students participating in this exchange programme spend a year abroad as part of their personal study plan.

Internship funding

The programme is funded by the Japanese host companies and the EU-Japan centre for Industrial Cooperation (co-funding from the European Commission and the Japanese Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry).

European students receive a grant of 1,900,000 Yen to cover the costs of travel, insurance and their stay in Japan. The accommodation is made available by the host company for twelve months. The language course and seminar are funded by the UE-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.

Submission of applications and deadlines

All details and information regarding calls for application, application procedure and deadlines can be found on Vulcanus Programme website