On-Line Linguistic Support

The Online Linguistic Support supports language learning for Erasmus+ mobility participants.

The Erasmus + programme includes the so called On-Line Linguistic Support (OLS).

OLS offers mobility students the chance to assess their linguistic skills if the traineeship language is one of the following: German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Bulgarian, Finnish, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Estonian, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese and Slovenian. The EU makes the IT platform available and it will give all recipient institutes (and therefore also our University) a corresponding licence number. The test is obligatory and students must sit it before departure and after returning. Depending on the level taken in the pre-departure test, the licence for taking the on-line course may also be assigned. Students who receive a licence for the assessment of their linguistic skills and to take part in the language course will receive a specific e-mail at the institutional address (name.surname@studio.unibo.it) Please check this e-mail address as it is important to access the IT platform within the time limits set by the EU and which will be made known in the notification e-mail. Download and carefully read the OLS guide [.pdf]