Incoming Staff Training Service

The University of Bologna organizes staff training weeks addressed to the technical administrative staff of European universities (with which the University has a bilateral agreement).

The Erasmus+ Program enables administrative staff to take advantage of the "Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training", or a period of training at higher education institutions and / or companies present within one of the countries participating in the Program.

This type of mobility aims at the transfer of skills, the acquisition of practical skills and the learning of good practices by the beneficiaries.

From 2018, the Incoming Staff Training Service will respond to Staff Training Incoming requests by organizing specific Erasmus Staff Training Weeks.

These training weeks deal with specific topics and aim to exchange information and best practices among colleagues.

Participants will benefit from this initiative in many ways:

  • You will expand your network of professional contacts
  • You will Increase your intercultural competences
  • You will develop your professional skills and know-how
  • You will get Inspiration, new ideas and motivation

Professional Staff from partner Universities, willing to participate to the next Staff Training Week, can complete this questionnaire in order to fill in his/her areas of interest and contact information. The next Training Program will be focused on one of the main topics figured out by the questionnaire.

Further information about our next Training week (actual dates, program, submission procedures) will be available soon.

In 2022, the Staff Training Week was about: Internationalisation of Higher Education for Society.

In 2019, the Training Week was about Technology Transfer and Third Mission. 
In 2018, our Staff Training Week was focused on Welcome services for students. 

For specific requests or other information, please contact: