Exchange students @unibo: organising your trip

Useful information for choosing when to arrive at the University of Bologna to carry out your mobility on site.

First of all, to decide if and when to carry out your mobility on site at the University of Bologna, you need to find out about the health situation in Italy, the actions taken by the Italian government and by the University of Bologna to deal with the pandemic and travel restrictions.

In particular, read the information on the rules for entering Italy in the COVID-19 emergency phase on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and on the reference sites in your home country.

Pay close attention to the rules on fiduciary isolation.

To find out about the situation in Italy, please refer to the main Italian government websites ("Latest information to study in Italy").

Also periodically check your mailbox for updated information on the actions taken by the University of Bologna.

There are no set arrival dates. You have to decide when to leave for the University of Bologna according to the starting date of your courses. The start date of your mobility period corresponds to the date of your Check-in, i.e. when you register your arrival at the Exchange Student Desk in Bologna or at the International Relations Office of your Campus. At the beginning of each semester you may have the opportunity to participate in the welcome sessions for exchange students, if available.