Exchange students @unibo: Learning Agreement

Instructions for filling in your Learning Agreement.

The first thing to do is to draft the Learning Agreement (compulsory for Erasmus+ students, optional for others).

The Learning Agreement is the study plan agreed with your university, which undertakes to recognise the exams passed and the credits obtained during the exchange period, and the exchange coordinator at the University of Bologna. The form is provided by your university.

Find out the available course units.

If you want to carry out an internship you have to check in advance if it is possible: find the degree programmes of the subject areas of your interest, read the information on the related web sites (studying > curricular internship) and contact the relevant offices. For some degree programmes the information may be available only in Italian.

Contact the International Relations Offices to check your options and notify them immediately if you wish to carry out an internship.

The Learning Agreement must be approved and signed by your university and the University of Bologna, before starting your mobility, if required by your home university, or immediately at the starting of your mobility at the University of Bologna.

If you are carrying out your mobility within the Erasmus+ Studio, Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM), Swiss European Mobility and Overseas (a Unibo programme) programmes, at the online registration or later, you can upload your Learning Agreement to your personal homepage in AlmaRM, in order to get it approved. You are notified via e-mail at mailbox about the approval or refusal of your Learning Agreement, along with its reasons. Furthermore, after approval, you can download a signed copy of your Learning Agreement.