Exchange students @unibo: filling in your online study plan

The first steps to take to start your learning activities at the University of Bologna.

To start your learning activities, you must contact the relevant International Relations Offices:

  • to check your study plan and have your Learning Agreement signed, if it has not already been signed;
  • for any questions on calendars, course timetable, exams, exam sessions and the organisation of teaching activities in general.

Find out the available course units.
Check the calendar of the guidance sessions organised by Department and Campus offices.

When you have chosen all the course units you wish to attend at the University of Bologna, according to the approved Learning Agreement, and checked the schedules and times of the lectures, you must complete your online study plan. This and other operations can be done on: AlmaRM – Accesso studenti

The online study plan is compulsory for all exchange students and it is required to sit the exams. The service is available from your personal homepage on AlmaRM (“Fill in your study plan” button), only after your Check-in.

Please find in attachment the detailed instructions on how to fill in your online study plan.