Exchange students @unibo and information for partner universities after the coronavirus emergency period

What can exchange students at the University of Bologna do after the declaration of the end of the emergency period from COVID-19.

In the a.y. 2022-23 lectures and exams will be exclusively in person. Mobility must be carried out on site. Only some special projects, for example Erasmus + Blended Intensive Programmes, may include remote activities.

In the a.y. 2021-22 the University of Bologna offers blended teaching activities, held in classrooms but also accessible remotely. The possibility of offering in-presence teaching is linked to the progress of the health emergency and the decisions of the Italian government. Not all students are guaranteed the opportunity to attend lectures in person.

For more information on lectures, exams and internships

It is possible to carry out mobility remotely (virtual mobility), on site, or by combining the two modes. Two mode changes are allowed during a mobility. It is not possible to interrupt the mobility period. All single mobility parts (virtual and on-site) are registered and certified.

All information relating to on-site mobility also applies to remote (virtual) mobility as far as compatible.