Information for Erasmus+ grant holders

Check on line the results of the call for application. If you are a grant holder read carefully the Erasmus+ guide, also available on your AlmaRM homepage and read the answers to the FAQ.

Which is the deadline to apply at the hosting university?

The deadline is written in the “infosheet” of the hosting university, which is available on your AlmaRM profile, or directly on the webpages of the host university.

How can I extend my mobility period?

The procedure is explained in the Erasmus+ guide.

How can I reduce the duration of my mobility?

It is not necessary to formally request a reduction of the duration. The duration of your stay will be calculated on the base of the certificate of period. Please take into account that the minimum duration of a mobility is 3 months (90 days). If you wish to reduce the duration of your mobility before your departure, please, contact before signing the mobility agreement.

Can I apply for an Erasmus grant if I already benefit of an ergo grant?

On the Ergo web page you can find information regarding the compatibility of grants.

Can I withdraw from my mobility, is there a deadlines?

Yes. Take into account that if you withdraw from the mobility within the date indicated in the Erasmus+ guide, you will allow another student from the reserve list to be nominated.

What is the OLS – On line Linguistic Support

The OLS is an online programme to support and monitor language development of Erasmus students; participants have to hold a language test at the beginning and at the end of the mobility, during the Erasmus+ period they can attend an online language course to improve their language skills. More information is available at the Online linguistic support (OLS) section of our website.

Who provides support for the learning agreement?

The relevant international relations office for your study field. The board of your degree programme is responsible for both the approval of your learning agreement and the procedure for the recognition of credits.

Which is the deadline for submitting the learning agreement?

You need to submit the learning agreement in due time in order to be approved before the beginning of your mobility. We advise to contact the relevant international relations office for your study field to verify if  the degree programme board has set up a schedule for the learning agreement procedures.

Which is the deadline to submit the mobility agreement and the approved LA?

The mobility agreement must be uploaded on the AlmaRM tool after the approval of the learning agreement by the degree programme board and before leaving for the host university

May I submit the mobility agreement when the learning agreement has not been approved yet?

No, you have to submit the mobility agreement after the approval of the learning agreement by the degree programme board.

Do I need to wait that the LA procedure on AlamRM is completed before sending my application to the hosting university?

No, if a LA is requested for the application procedure, you can submit to the hosting university a learning agreement template signed by the academic coordinator, waiting for the approval of the official learning agreement by your degree program board, for which you will ask a signature by the host university when your mobility starts.   

How can I find accommodation?

First of all, we advise to contact the Erasmus office of the hosting university for information about housing services and student residences.