Transfer from another university (incoming)

Information on incoming transfer applications from other universities to the medical specialisation schools of this university, for years following the first year

If you wish to transfer to one of the medical specialisation schools in this university, you will need to submit the following documents to the Medical Specialisation Schools Office by the dates stated in the table below:

  1. application to the Rector for an incoming transfer from another university, on the corresponding application form, with revenue stamps affixed;
  2. self-certification of enrolment with dates of exams taken and passed;
  3. copy of study plan or curriculum;
  4. copy of identity document.

Transfer applications can only be made for years following the first year of a study programme. Transfers are not allowed in the course of the year.

The transfer can only be allowed if the there are places available in the school, if it is authorised by the two specialisation schools involved and the university of origin and if the applicant passes the end-of-year exam. Only transfers between specialisation schools of the same type and name will be allowed.

The Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Internal Medicine Specialisation Schools have decided to accept transfers under the old system only and the Anaesthesia, Reanimation, Intensive Care and Pain Therapy Specialisation School under the new system only.

If the transfer involves places funded by regions or other public/private bodies, it must be authorised by the funding body.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places for the years following the first year, the School Council will issue a ranking list (based on the marks stated in the submitted documents), on which the list of successful applicants will be based.

In order to proceed with the transfer to the University of Bologna specialisation school, you will also need to submit an application to your current university, observing the corresponding deadlines and procedures.

The application documents will be forwarded to us from the offices of the university of origin.

If the transfer is accepted, the specialist medical trainee will be contacted by the Specialisation School Office and provided with all the information required for enrolment and the payment of the transfer fee (150 euro).

The transfer and enrolment procedure at this university will be completed only on payment of the above fee.

Under no circumstances can payments made to the university of origin be considered as valid for the University of Bologna; applicants from universities in Emilia Romagna, however, who have already paid heir fees, will be exempt from the regional contribution fee.


Specialist medical

trainee cohorts

Deadlines for submitting transfer applications for the academic year 2015/2016*
Enrolled in academic year 14/15 (2nd year) 03/07/2016 02/08/2016
Enrolled in academic year 13/14 (3rd year) 08/08/2016 09/09/2016
Enrolled in academic year 12/13 (4th year) - 08/07/2016
Enrolled in academic year 11/12 (5th year) - 06/06/2016
Enrolled in academic year 10/11 (6th year) - 30/05/2016
*in the case of study programme year start/end dates different to those set by the MIUR for each cohort of enrollees (e.g. because of extensions to study programmes due to maternity or illness), the application must be submitted between 120 and 90 days before the end date of the enrollee's study programme year.