Recognition of “student-athlete” status

The “Student-Athlete Dual Career” Project seeks to enable exceptional athletes to reconcile their University studies with a career in competitive sports (dual career), allowing them to obtain a level of education that provides assurance of a sound professional future, even after their retirement from athletics, while also pursuing an intensive sporting career and thus reducing the risk of dropping out.


You can apply for recognition as a “student-athlete” if:

  • you have enrolled for a degree programme at the University of Bologna;
  • you have been invited to join top-level national squads for at least 3 international competitions in the past 2 years;
  • you actively practice an Olympic or Para-Olympic sport.

What to do and what documents to present

Benefits of “student-athlete” status

If you obtain “student-athlete” status, you are entitled:

  • to request and agree with your teachers one extra exam date each year, as well as to request examinations to be conducted via Skype;
  • to request a diploma supplement at the end of your course of studies that will accompany the diploma for the degree obtained, certifying the specific nature of the dual career (under preparation);
  • to free accommodation for short periods in the halls managed by ER.GO., if places are available;
  • to support from an educational tutor who will help you to choose curricula and internships, having regard for your possible professional activities following retirement from your sporting career;
  • to support from a student tutor who will help you to keep updated about study programmes, course units and exam dates, as well as maintain contact with the various offices. For AY 2017/2018, only 10 "student-athletes" can obtain a student tutor. Further information on page What to do and what documents to present

In addition, just like all other students, commencing from AY 2017/2018 you can properly obtain your diploma over a longer period than the standard duration of the degree programme. Read more detailed information on Extension of the study period (flexible curriculum).

In exchange for these benefits, the University may ask you to commit to competing in a number of national and international University competitions, at least once every year, as a member of the Unibo student squad, as well as to participate in a number of initiatives as a spokesperson and to talk about your experiences as a sports person to the students staying in the ER.GO hall.

How to retain your “student-athlete” status

Retention of your status as a “student-athlete” in subsequent academic years is dependent on meeting the above requirements, as well as on obtaining at least 18 University Educational Credits. Compliance with these requirements will be assessed by a Committee, having regard for any circumstances preventing the student from satisfying them (e.g. participation in the Olympics).