See the patents and the new varieties of plants of the University of Bologna.

See patents


Integrated system for the conversion of traditional vehicles to electric vehicles

Device for wave energy conversion

Method and device for evaluating dust released from treated seeds

Microorganism which reduces the amount of acrylamide in a thermally treated food

Three-dimensional acoustic positioning system

Multiscale scaffold for tendon and ligament tissue regeneration and replacement

Halide sensor for environmental and diagnostic applications

Wave energy converter

Method for separating and recovering polyethylene and aluminum from a polylaminate material

Method for early detection of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Automated irrigation system for green walls and roofs

Hybrid Walkable Solar Tile

Device for the chemical microenvironment control

Method for the analysis of secreted and/or endocited from cells in culture particles

Photovoltaic Module with Integrated accumulation system

Rotary joint without ball bearings

Use of mesoporous silica


Bioplastic formulation

Biological Super-Capacitors for Water Treatment

Process for producing furoic acid

Phocatalityc material

Process for the preparation of organic carbonates derivatives

Lithium / oxygen battery

Composition and method for promoting herbaceous plant growth

Gas separation process and plant with capacitive membranes

New diagnostic method

Real-time system for monitoring of structures

Method for the identification of Cinta Senese pig

Efficient heater for coffee machines

Catalyst additive for hybridization reactions

Method for identification of PTCL subtypes

Method for generating a wavy motion in a liquid body

Compounds for therapeutic use

System and method for monitoring the integrity of structures

System for acquiring signals

Co-crystals with high fluorescence quantum yield

Compound and polymer of coordination capable of emitting white light

New Heart Valve Prosthesis that self-assess its functionality

Goggles augmented reality

Computer aided intrasurgical navigation and surgery planning in implantology

TATk-CDKL5 fusion protein for therapeutic uses

Sub-micrometer system comprising nanoparticles of magnesium

Analyzer of materials by spectroscopy

Design method for high efficiency solar concentrators and related photovoltaic application

Method and system the enjoyment of data in forensic computer science in virtual environment

Method and system for locating objects

Device for explosive strength training

Apparatus for measurement of position and orientation of a body

Aerodynamic device for motorcycle

Nutritional Mixture

Multi-layer material for packaging

Nanocomposite polymeric materials

Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

Method for controlling solubility of quantum dots

Phage therapy against pear and apple fire blight

Molecular signature

Innovative analytical method for the identification and quantification of drugs

Method for Graphic Parallel Computing of an Imaging Device

Method for diagnosing the presence of gluten intolerance

Protection system for vertical geothermal probes

Method and apparatus for estimating distance and location

Novel Pseudomonas fluorescens strain

CNF1 as a new therapeutic approach for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Modified calcium silicate-containing adhesive systems

Direct detectors for ionizing radiations

Novel substituted diarylamines and use of same as antioxidants

Surgical device for the reconstruction of bony structures

Guide for surgical resection of bone

Conductive cotton

Molecular Thermometer

Silica particles as luminescent markers alternative to the tandem-dyes

A new green chemistry route for the production of aromas

Endodontic bioactive cement

Improved orthopaedic device

Fluorescent silica nanoparticles for medical diagnostics

Methods for Robust Communication in Ultra Wideband (UWB) Radiofrequency Identification (RFID)

Oil clarifying process

Pharmaceutical composition and pharmaceutical kit for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

Low-cost and non-invasive method for remote monitoring of deformations and displacements in a structure by means of wireless sensors

Pharmaceutical preparations for transdermal use

Method and apparatus for determining quality of fruits and vegetables