The Marco Polo Project for Chinese students

The Marco Polo project is designed to facilitate the enrolment of Chinese students at Italian universities.
China - International student
Zhong is an international student from China and chose to attend the University of Bologna - watch the video

Through the Marco Polo project, Chinese students wishing to enrol at a university programme in Italy can obtain an entry visa even if they have no knowledge of the Italian language. To participate, students must successfully attend an Italian language course lasting ten or eleven months at one of the Italian universities or language schools involved before starting the chosen university programme.

Every year the University of Bologna reserves a number of places for Marco Polo students. 

Pre-enrolment procedures

If you are a Chinese student interested in the Marco Polo project, carefully read the procedure guidelines available on the MIUR website (the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research).

Please note that the deadline to pre-enrol from an Italian Embassy or Consulate in China is 28 July 2017 (for those selecting an 11-month Italian course) or 25 August 2017 (for those selecting a 10-month Italian course).

When pre-enrolling you must specify where you intend to attend the Italian language course and the degree programme you wish to enrol in, choosing from among the programmes which reserve places for Marco Polo students.  


Registration procedures

In order to enrol in a First Cycle, Single Cycle or Second Cycle Degree Programme you must comply with the rules set by the University of Bologna.

Admission procedures vary from programme to programme. To learn more out about admission requirements, methods and deadlines, please read the specific information on the website for the degree programme you are interested in.

Important: If you are a Marco Polo student, you cannot sit the Italian language test offered to other non-EU students, and you cannot submit any other Italian language certificates. You must attend the Italian language course at the school or university chosen upon pre-enrolment from the embassy, then you must successfully pass the exam at the end of the course and submit the obtained certificate to the Student Administration Office when registering for the degree programme.

Marco Polo students can only enrol in degree programmes taught in the Italian language.