The Campus Board

The Campus Board organizes and coordinates support for teaching and research performed by the Departments and Schools in each of its spheres. It has autonomy of management, organization and regulation within its sphere of jurisdiction.

Coordinator :


  • Prof. Giovanni Matteucci (
    Director of the Department for Quality Life Sciences 
  • Prof. Fabrizio Passarini ()
    Director of the Organizational Unit (UOS) for the "T.Montanari" Department of Industrial Chemistry
  • Prof. Paola Giuri (
    Vice Chairman of the School of Economics, Management and Statistic on the Rimini Campus 
    Director of the Organizational Unit (UOS) for the Department of Business Science
  • Prof. Paolo Figini (
    Director of the Organizational Unit (UOS) for the Department of Economic Science
  • Prof. Stefania Mignani (
    Director of the Organizational Unit (UOS) for the "P. Fortunati" Department of Statistical Science
  • Prof.ssa Mirella Falconi ()
    Vice Chairman of the School of Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Sport Science on the Rimini Campus
  • Sig.ra Barbara Bonfiglioli (
    Delegate for the local government agency and the company consortium for the University in the Rimini Area
  • Dott.ssa Morena Gervasi (
    Manager of the Ravenna and Rimini Campus Area
  • Dott.ssa Maria Cristina Mancini (
    Delegate for the Administrative Staff of the Rimini Campus 
  • Chiara Annamaria Carobene ()
    Student delegate
  • Lara Sternini ()
    Student delegate