Outgoing counselling

Help for those about to graduate or those who just have and are about to look for a job.
  • Job Guidance activities web site
    You can find the programme and registration information about workshops, seminars, Job Meetings and further activities of Job Guidance.

  • Training and vocational internships  
    As stipulated by art. 18 of Law 196/97, training and vocational internships aim to help young people find their feet in the working world after they have gained a qualification. Internships last at most 6 months and must be started within 12 months of graduation.
  • Active job-search laboratories  
    Periodically laboratories are organised to give practice in writing an effective curriculum vitae, preparing for a job interview, creating a linkedIn profile, and other useful topics to do with starting work.
  • Individual interviews
    Appointments may be arranged to assess the various options open once university has finished.
  • Meeting the working world
    The Rimini Campus arranges a career-guidance event putting you in touch with the working world. An opportunity for those about to graduate, or those who just have, to meet some important firms and trade associations from the Province of Rimini.