The Library staff are on hand to provide users with information and listen to suggestions and comments on the services.


President of the Scientific Board
Prof. Raffaella Baccolini Tel. 0543-374016;

Library Manager
Angela Maria Politi Tel. 0543-374006;


Angela Bagnoli
Tel. 0543-374005; e-mail:

Sante Boldrini
Tel. 0543-374012; e-mail:

Carolina Cavallini
Tel.0543-374014; email:

Giuseppe Comerci
Tel. 0543-374004; e-mail:

Rita Lombardi 
Tel. 0543-374010; e-mail:

Sabrina Mambelli 
Tel. 0543-374015; e-mail:

Simona Matteucci 
Tel. 0543-374008; e-mail:

Marco Mazzani 
Tel. 0543-374018 or 374009; e-mail:

Maria Letizia Montanari 
Tel. 0543-374007; e-mail:

Rita Patregnani 
Tel. 0543-374003; e-mail:

Antonella Ragazzini 
Tel. 0543-374013; e-mail:

Paola Succi
Tel. 0543-374011; e-mail:

Mirella Szpila 
Tel. 0543-374141; e-mail:

Gloria Zauli 
Tel. 0543-374019; e-mail: