Student Administration Office

This administrative secretariat handles the administrative issues involved in students’ academic careers from start to finish.

Director Dr Patrizia Ussani

Apply to the Student Administration Office for:

  • Registration on open- and restricted-access degree programmes;
  • enrolment, payment of fees various, switches (students should also consult StudentiOnline);
  • receipts for fees paid;
  • prospective payments;
  • international student procedures;
  • transfer from another University;
  • transfer to another University;
  • internal switching to another degree programme;
  • withdrawal from university;
  • interruption of studies;
  • suspension from studies;
  • loss of student status;
  • career mergers;
  • enrolment in single course units;
  • recognition of studies abroad;
  • authentication of documents deposited with the Office;
  • registration/degree certificates;
  • applications for Diploma Supplements;
  • return of school-leaver diplomas;
  • collecting degree certificates;
  • access to records;
  • distribution of magnetic badges, duplicates and re-magnetization  thereof.

When applying for information remember to put your data either in the object line, or at the bottom: name, surname, registration number and degree programme.

University e-mail box
For information to do with your career or for certificates you need to write from your own authentic-access institutional e-mail box:
You should check your university e-mail box periodically since administrative notices, about refunds or collecting diplomas, for example, will be posted there and only there.