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Rosalba Lanciotti

Full Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/16 Agricultural Microbiology

Head of Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences


Keywords: Probiotics Food product optimization Microbial perforamce optimization Selection of microorganisms of food and industrial interest microbial stress response natural antimicrobials High pressure homogenization Bio-technologies to valorise agro- industrial wastes and by-productswastes and

Principal research activities are on: food microbiology and biotechnology; strategies able to improve safety, shelf-life, quality and functional properties of foods including probiotic ones; selection and optimization of the performances of microorganisms of industrial and food interest including starter, co-starter, biocontrol and probiotic cultures; selection of microbial cultures and set up of bio-technological processes to valorize agro-industrial side-streams and by-products into added value compounds; non-thermal technologies including high pressure homogenization to improve food safety shelf-life and functionality; essential oils and natural compounds as preservatives in foods and beverages; microbial responses to stressful conditions and predictive microbiology.