Foto del docente

Rosalba Lanciotti

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/16 Agricultural Microbiology

Director of Second Cycle Degree of Food Science and Technology

Curriculum vitae

Rosalba Lanciotti is an associate professor of Microbiology at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Bologna University. She gives courses of Enological Microbiology, Sanitation and Hygiene of Food Industry and Laboratory of Applied Microbiology. In 1995 she obtained a PhD in Food Biothecnology. From 1996 to 1999 she was researcher at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Bari University. From 1999 to 2007 she was researcher at the Bologna University. Her principal research activities concern both general and applied microbiology. Rosalba Lanciotti has studied the membrane fatty acid composition of yeasts and bacteria, the action mechanism of ethanol against microbial cells and the microbial response mechanisms to physic-chemical stresses. Concerning the applied microbiology, wide part of her research has been focused on sanitizing treatments, alternative to thermal treatment, able to reduce the heat damage and to improve safety, shelf-life, sensorial and functional properties of foods. In addition Rosalba Lanciotti has studied the microbial growth and metabolic activity dynamics as well as the obtaining of predictive models in relation to physic-chemical and environmental variables. Mathematical models, able to explain and quantify the interactions among pathogenic and spoilage species and food systems, have also been developed in the framework of European projects such as COST 914, Concerted Action FAIR n. 5 and FAIR CT98-4083. Rosalba Lanciotti has performed the set up of instrumental methods (gas-chromatographic and spectro-photometric ones) to study the metabolic activity of microorganisms and to define the food volatile profiles in relation to the specific microbiota. Gas-chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry and solid phase micro-extraction has been employed by Rosalba Lanciotti to identify microbial signaling molecules, to study microbial interactions in complex foods, to evaluate the changes in the microbial volatiloma caused by stress conditions, and to define the volatile molecule profiles of foods in relation to their microbiota.
She is co-author of about 170 research papers 90 of which have been published on international journals and 79 cited on Scopus. Her Scopus h index is 20 (calculated considering Scopus documents published after 1995).
She has taken part in regional, national and international projects. She was coordinator of the project PRIN2005” Use of aroma compounds of vegetable origin to improve the microbiological quality of foods”. She has been involved in the project financed by EU, coordinated by Bologna University “Innovative non-thermal processing technologies to improve the quality and safety of ready-to-eat (RTE) meals” and EU AgriFoodResults- Grant Agreement: 226927 "European initiative for a better use of the results of agri-food research". Rosalba Lanciotti is involved in the EU project SUCCIPACK -Grant Agreement: 289196.
She is the scientific responsible of Bologna University for the AGER project "Novel strategies meeting the needs of fresh-cut vegetable sector-STAYFRESH". Rosalba Lanciotti is involved in the research activities of the Inter-Department Centre of Food Industrial Research (CIRI), specifically dedicated to the technological transfer to food industry and partially financed by EU (POR-FESR). On 8th January 2014 she was declared suitable for the role of full professor.