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Matteo Vittuari

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/01 Agricultural Economics and Rural Appraisal


Davis, J; De Menna, F.; Unger, N.; Östergren, K.; Loubiere, M.; Vittuari, M., Generic strategy LCA and LCC - Guidance for LCA and LCC focused on prevention, valorisation and treatment of side flows from the food supply chain, Borås, SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut, 2017, pp. 105 . [Research monograph]Open Access

Bogdanov, Natalija; Rodic, Vesna; Vittuari, Matteo, Structural change and transition in the agricultural sector: Experience of Serbia, «COMMUNIST AND POST-COMMUNIST STUDIES», 2017, 50, pp. 319 - 330 [Scientific article]

Manuela, Gheoldus; Stephanie, Burgos; Katherine, Salès; Alfred Charles, Cummins; Flavien, Colin; Åsa, Stenmarck; Johan, Hultén; Lena, Yohanan; Julian, Parfitt; Matteo, Vittuari; Simone, Piras; Keighley, Mcfarland; Stephanie, Wunder, Systems maps and analytical framework. Mapping food waste drivers across the food supply chain, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Deloitte Sustainability, 2017, pp. 126 . [Technical report]Open Access

Vittuari, Matteo; De Menna, Fabio; Gaiani, Silvia; Falasconi, Luca; Politano, Alessandro; Dietershagen, Jana; Segrè, Andrea, The second life of food: An assessment of the social impact of food redistribution activities in Emilia Romagna, Italy, «SUSTAINABILITY», 2017, 9, Article number: 1817 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]Open Access

Carnevale, Erika; Molari, Giovanni; Vittuari, Matteo, Used cooking oils in the biogas chain: A technical and economic assessment, «ENERGIES», 2017, 10, Article number: 192 , pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]Open Access

Pagani, Marco; Vittuari, Matteo; Johnson, Thomas G.; De Menna, Fabio, An assessment of the energy footprint of dairy farms in Missouri and Emilia-Romagna, «AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS», 2016, 145, pp. 116 - 126 [Scientific article]

Falasconi, Luca; Cicatiello, Clara; Franco, Silvio; Segré, Andrea; Setti, Marco; Vittuari, Matteo; Cusano, Ilaria, Consumer approach to food waste: evidences from a large scale survey in Italy, in: The Value of Food. Internazionalization, competition and local development in agro-food systems, Firenze, Firenze University Press, 2016, Vol 71, pp. 266 - 277 (atti di: 52 Congresso della Società Italiana di Economia Agraria - The Value of Food. Internazionalization, competition and local development in agro-food systems, Roma/Viterbo, 17-19 Settembre 2015) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Coordination of a Research Project: FP7 - FUSIONS - Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising Waste Prevention Strategies.

Setti, Marco; Falasconi, Luca; Segre', Andrea; Cusano, Ilaria; Vittuari, Matteo, Italian consumers’ income and food waste behavior, «BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL», 2016, 118, pp. 1731 - 1746 [Scientific article]Open Access

De Menna, F.; Loubiere, M.; Dietershagen, J.; Unger, N; Vittuari, M.;, Methodology for evaluating LCC, Wageningen, Wageningen UR, 2016, pp. 122 . [Research monograph]Open Access

Grainger, Matthew; Stewart, Gavin; Piras, Simone; Righi, Simone; Setti, Marco; Vittuari, Matteo, Model Development and Data Protocol, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Newcastle University, 2016, pp. 47 . [Technical report]Open Access

Burgos, Stephanie; Gheoldus, Manuela; Vittuari, Matteo; Politano, Alessandro; Piras, Simone; Aramyan, Lusine; Valeeva, Natalia; Wenbon, Michael; Hanssen, Ole Jørgen; Scherhaufer, Silvia; Ottner, Reinhold; Silvennoinen, Kirsi; Paschali, Dora; Braun, Susanne; Cseh, Balázs; Ujhelyi, Katalin, Policy Evaluation Framework, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Deloitte Sustainability (BIO), 2016, pp. 73 . [Technical report]

De Menna, Fabio; Malagnino, Remo; Vittuari, Matteo; Molari, Giovanni; Seddaiu, Giovanna; Deligios, Paola; Solinas, Stefania; Ledda, Luigi, Potential Biogas Production from Artichoke Byproducts in Sardinia, Italy, «ENERGIES», 2016, 9, pp. 92 - 102 [Scientific article]Open Access

Simone Piras; Simone Righi; Marco Setti; Matteo Vittuari, Socio-economic implications of food waste: Business behavioural typologies and interrelationships, Bologna, Bologna University, 2016, pp. 87 . [Technical report]Open Access

Vittuari, Matteo; De Menna, Fabio; Pagani, Marco, The hidden burden of food waste: The double energy waste in Italy, «ENERGIES», 2016, 9, pp. 660 - 683 [Scientific article]Open Access

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