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Elisabetta Lalumera

Associate Professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: M-FIL/05 Philosophy and Theory of Language

Curriculum vitae

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Born in Bologna, Italy, 16th February 1974


Associate Professor, University of Bologna, Department for Life Quality Studies QUVI, since 2022

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Philosophy of Psychology

Areas of Competence: Epistemology, Social Epistemology, Medical Ethics, History of Analytic Philosophy


· 2020-22 Tenured assistant professor from other university (Article 6/11 of Law 240/2010 Italian Civil Code), University of Bologna, Department for Life Quality Studies

· 2006-2020 tenured assistant professor (ricercatore a tempo indeterminato RTI), Milano-Bicocca University, Psychology Department

· 2004-2005 Fixed-term assistant professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Parma

· 2003-2004 Fixed-term assistant professor, Department of Cultural Studies, University of Modena

· 2002-2003 Fixed-term assistant professor, University of Bologna, Department of Philosophy and Communication and Almaweb Graduate School


· PhD 2003 University of Eastern Piedmont UPO, Italy (Philosophy of Language and Mind)

· Visiting PhD Student 1999-2001, PhD Philosophy, Birkbeck College, London UK

· BA (Laurea) cum Laude 1997, University of Bologna, Italy (Philosophy)

· PhD student (part time) 2011-13, Northern Institute of Philosophy, University of Aberdeen UK, course not completed.

GRANTS and Funding

· 2022-26 Co-I DARE-Digital Lifelong Prevention, Task leader Communication&Dissemination, EUR 105,000

· 2023-28 Co-I PREMIO COLLAB - Personalized response monitoring in oncology: co-creating clinical trials in advanced breast cancer, Work Package leader Ethics and Patients Involvement, EUR 317,000

· 2023-29 Team member EPIC- Epistemic Injustice in Healthcare, Wellcome Trust Discovery Award, EUR 6000 (travel and publication costs) and consultancy fee EUR 14000

· 2018 Organizer First Philosophy of Psychiatry Day, Psychology Department, Milano-Bicocca University, Department funding EUR 5000

· 2018 Co-Organizer Epistemic Innocence Workshop, Psychology Department, Department Funding EUR 5000


· February 2020- July 2020. Communication Consultant. IRCCS Sant’Orsola-Malpighi Polyclinic, University of Bologna, Italy,

· September 2017. Organization and teaching of the course “Fear of vaccines? Philosophy, ethics, communication”. Emilia-Romagna Regional Health Authority (Regione Emilia-Romagna), Bologna Italy

· February 2018. Organization and Teaching of a course for the Communication Officers and District Directors of the Local Health Authority, "Ethics and nudge for health communication", Azienda USL Bologna, Bologna Italy

· 2001 Communication consultant, junior, CUP200srl. (digital healthcare services), Bologna Italy

Selected talks

1. 2023 (forthcoming) Epistemology and Ethics in Medical Imaging for Cancer Diagnosis: Stanford School of Medicine, Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (invited)

2. The Justice-Based Account of Disability and the Legitimacy Question. Workshop Capabilities, Disability and Justice, Univ. Rijeka, Croatia (invited)

3. 2021 Conceptual Engineering. Changing the rules of the game. Conceptual Engineering Fall 21-22, St.Andrews-Zurich online (invited)

4. 2021 The Good, the Bad, and Hydroxychloroquine, Congress of the EPSA, European Philosophy of Science Association (contributed)

5. 2017 Overutilization of diagnostic imaging. Conceptual issues. The Philosophy of medicine roundtable, Toronto, Canada (contributed)


1. Lalumera, E (under contract) Health, Well-Being, and Quality of Life. London and NY: Springer-Palgrave McMillan UN Goals series

2. Lalumera, E. 2023. Stare bene. Un’analisi filosofica. Bologna, il Mulino (Italian)

3. Lalumera, E, 2023 Etica della comunicazione sanitaria. Bologna, il Mulino (It)

4. Lalumera, E. 2021 Medicina e metodo sperimentale: un’introduzione filosofica. Bologna, Esculapio (It)

5. Lalumera, E. 2013 Cos’è il relativismo cognitivo. Roma: Carocci (It)

6. Coliva, A. & Lalumera, E. 2006 Pensare. Leggi ed errori del ragionamento. Roma: Carocci (It)

7. Lalumera, E. 2009 Cosa sono i concetti. Roma-Bari: Laterza (It)

8. Lalumera, E. 2004 Concetti e normatività: una proposta realista. Padova: il Poligrafo (It)

As editor

1. Lalumera, E.& Fanti, S. 2021 Philosophy of Advanced Medical Imaging. New York: Springer

Journal articles

2. Lalumera, E. 2023 Are mental disorders brain disorders? Is a Question of Conceptual Choice. Philosophical Psychology DOI: 10.1080/09515089.2023.2269985 []

3. Lalumera, E. 2023 Moralisation of medicines: The case of hydroxychloroquine. European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 13(3), 1-19

4. Amoretti, M. C., & Lalumera, E. 2023 Unveiling the interplay between evidence, values and cognitive biases. The case of the failure of the AstraZeneca COVID‐19 vaccine. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 1-8

5. Fanti, S., & Lalumera, E. 2023 The epistemology of imaging procedures and reporting. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 50(5), 1275-1277

6. Amoretti, M. C., & Lalumera, E. 2022 Wherein is the concept of disease normative? From weak normativity to value‑conscious naturalism. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 25, 47-60.

7. Amoretti, M. C., & Lalumera, E. 2022. Reviewing the Reproduction Number R in Covid-19 Models. Philosophy of Medicine, 3(1), 1-16

8. Amoretti, M. C & Lalumera, E. 2021 The Concept of Disease in the Time of COVID-19. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics

9. Amoretti, M. C., & Lalumera, E. 2021 COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death: disentangling facts and values. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, 43(1), 4-8

10. Lalumera, E. (2010). Concepts are a functional kind. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 33(2-3), 217.

Book chapters

1. Lalumera, E. (forthcoming) Conceptual Engineering of Medical Concepts. Accepted for publication in M-G. Isaac, S. Koch & K. Scharp (eds.), New Perspectives on Conceptual Engineering. NY Springer, 1-22

2. Lalumera, E. & Fanti, S. (2020) Philosophy of Advanced Medical Imaging. Mapping the field. In Lalumera, E.& S. Fanti, Eds., Philosophy of Advanced Medical Imaging, New York, Springer, 3-12


Associate Editor: European Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Editorial Board: MEFISTO (Italian journal of Medicine, Philosophy and History)

Guest editor: Philosophical Psychology, special issue: Trustworthiness, individual and collective dimensions, with F. Ferrari (2023); European Journal of Analytic Philosophy, special issue: Madness, on J. Garson’s book, forthcoming; European Journal of Analytic Philosophy; focus on Bolton and Gillett’s Biopsychosocial model of medical disorders, with M.C. Amoretti (2018); Humana Mente, special issue Experts and Expertise, with G. Tuzet (2015); Dialectica, special issue: Concepts (2010)