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Elisabetta Lalumera

Associate Professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: M-FIL/05 Philosophy and Theory of Language


Keywords: philosophy of medicine healthcare communication conceptual analysis epistemology Quality of life Values in science Health and disease

My research interests are in the areas of philosophy of medicine and healthcare, and in the philosophy of psychiatry. In the past I published on the philosophy of psychology, specifically on concepts and categorization, and on linguistic relativity. My broad view is that philosophical analysis and scientific research can profitably collaborate on the same problems, with different methods. Philosophy can clarify scientists' problems and claims, and propose new ethical or conceptual questions

My current research topics include:

The definition and operationalization of the cobcepts of health, wellness and quality of life

Epistemological and conceptual issues in advanced medical imaging

Definition of mental disorder, adequacy of current psychiatric nosologies and alternatives

Philosophical issues in Medical and Healthcare Communication

Please see my publication list for details, and for less recent research topics.