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Chiara Bucaria

Associate Professor

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Academic discipline: L-LIN/12 Language and Translation - English


Keywords: linguistic and cultural mediation translation audiovisual translation humour studies TV studies

English language and translation, audiovisual translation, subtitling, dubbing, TV and media studies, intercultural mediation, humour studies


My research interests fall under the umbrella term of Audiovisual Translation (AVT), in which I have incorporated elements of humour studies and media/TV studies. Specifically, the aspects on which I have been most recently focusing are the following:

1. the perception of humour and other culture-specific elements in audiovisual texts through dubbing and subtitling: in the context of the Forlì research group on audiovisual translation and through the use of quali-quantitative methods such as purpose-built questionnaires and semi-structured interviews, I have carried out research aimed at investigating the viewers' perspective on English-language TV shows dubbed and subtitled into Italian;

2. issues of manipulation and censorship in the translation process and cultural significance of this process for the target culture audience;

3. larger reception issues such as how extra- and paratextual elements move across cultures and how they can potentially impact how a film or TV show is framed: the study of film titles and posters, for example, can both show repercussions on the representation of these audiovisual texts in the target culture and help understand the economic ramifications of these choices.