Recruitment agencies: important notice for international students

For international students admission purposes the University of Bologna does not make use of recruiters based abroad.

The University of Bologna independently manages student admissions to degree programmes and the awarding of Unibo Action 2 study grants and Unibo Action 1 tuition fee waivers. Admission procedures to degree programmes and procedures to obtain Unibo Action 1 & 2 benefits are indicated exclusively in the calls or notices, published on the degree programme websites and on the pages of the portal. For any doubts about requirements, procedures and deadlines, contact the offices of the University of Bologna directly.

In these activities the University does not make use of agencies or recruiters based abroad

All personnel and offices of the University of Bologna communicate exclusively through email addresses.  Any other email addresses (i.e. ones that do not end in, such as, etc) do not come from personnel or offices of the University of Bologna.

If you receive a message from email addresses, please promptly forward it to for verification. 

Further benefits are granted by ER.GO. The University of Bologna and ER.GO do not require advanced payments in order to award grants or other benefits.

If you wish to verify the authenticity of an admission letter, study grant or another benefit allocation letter, please contact and enclose a copy of the letter.