00701 - Forensic Medicine

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Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student has a preparation that allows her/him to understand and possibly adequately address the many medical-legal problems connected to the profession. In particular, the student is able to: • know the Italian health legislation, in particular the criminal, civil and ethical code; • understand the links between her/his work and legal norms; • understand the appropriate behaviors and those that instead expose them to sanctions; • know the traumatology, the mechanisms of injury production and the legal implications of traumatic events; • assimilate the multiple aspects of professional responsibility and implement those health behaviors useful to avoid any involvement; • recognize the different legal areas starting with the deontological implications; • learn the professional obligations; • know the consequences  in case of non-compliance; • develop a correct professional relationship with the patient; • know the organization and characteristics of both private and social insurance issues; • be able to carry out some legal commitments correctly (report, certificates);

Course contents

The medico-legal discipline and harm to the person.

Criminal forensic medicine: the main offenses of medico-legal interest (homicide, personal injury, wrongful death, crimes against personal freedom)

Report  to the judicial authority

Deontological aspects of the profession

Professional confidentiality

Consent to health treatment, refusal / revocation (law 219/2017)

shared decision making

Forensic traumatology and odontology

Notes on the issues of interpersonal violence

Health records

Professional liability in criminal, civil and disciplinary fields: law 24/2017

Social insurances 


Any updated text of Forensic Medicine Texts of the laws dealt with.

Code of ethics

Teaching methods

Lessons, casework analysis and sentences discussion.

Assessment methods

Oral exam

Teaching tools


Office hours

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