32158 - Theatre Laboratory (1) (G. A)

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student: - knows and deepens some performative, organizational, managerial and artistic-professional aspects related to the theater disciplines, privileging the practical experience (acting and management of the body in motion)- knows how to integrate practical experience with historical, theoretical and critical knowledge.

Course contents

The Theater Laboratory (1) intends to offer to students in DAMS useful tools to acquire competence and confidence in the drafting of texts in the theatrological field, in particular of the three-year degree thesis, but also of term papers or other types of text required during the university study path.

Meetings will move along three main lines: 1) theoretical-methodological lessons; 2) bibliographic research exercises; 3) drafting, reading and correction of academic texts.

The topics covered and tested during the workshop will be articulated around the specialist skills of the group of teachers who will alternate in the classroom: Matteo Casari, Elena Cervellati (coordinatrice), Maria Grazia Cupini, Gerardo Guccini, Rossella Mazzaglia, Matteo Paoletti, Enrico Pitozzi, Giulia Taddeo.


Lessons schedule

The Theatre Laboratory will start on Thursday 24 March 2022 and will end on Friday 29 April. Lessons will take place on Thursday and Friday from 16.00 to 19.00, at the Dipartimento delle Arti (via Barberia 4), or online, throught Teams. Here the timetable:

  • Thursday 24 March: Elena Cervellati, Introduzione: come si fa una tesi di laurea
  • Friday 25 March: Gerardo Guccini, I manuali: come studiarli e utilizzarli
  • Thursday 31 March: Enrico Pitozzi, Argomento di tesi e metodi d'indagine
  • Friday 1 April: Maria Grazia Cupini, Servizi bibliotecari da remoto ed elementi di ricerca bibliografica
  • Thursday 7 April: Elena Cervellati, La videografia: ricerca documentaria, definizione e redazione
  • Friday 8 April: Matteo Paoletti, Le fonti d'archivio
  • Thursday 21 April: Giulia Taddeo, Le fonti giornalistiche e fotografiche
  • Friday 22 April: Matteo Casari, La ricerca di campo
  • Thursday 28 April: Rossella Mazzaglia, La fonte orale e la documentazione storiografica
  • Friday 29 April: Elena Cervellati, Conclusioni: correzione testi, bilancio del corso e prospettive


How to register

To participate in the Laboratory it is necessary to send an enrollment request to Elena Cervellati (e.cervellati@unibo.it) by 20 March 2022, indicating name and surname, matriculation number, degree course attended.


Recommanded reading:

Umberto Eco, Come si fa una tesi di laurea, Bompiani, Milano [una edizione a scelta]

Vera Gheno, La tesi di laurea. Ricerca, scrittura e revisione per chiudere in bellezza, Zanichelli, Bologna 2019

Teaching methods

The laboratory will intertwine moments of frontal lessons with extensive phases of practical exercises, which will allow students to concretely experiment with various writing methods and to confront yourself in the classroom with teachers and colleagues.

In consideration of the type of activity and teaching methods adopted, the attendance of this training activity requires the prior participation of all students in modules 1 and 2 of training on safety in the study places, [https: //elearning-sicurezza.unibo .it /] in e-learning mode.

Assessment methods

The theater laboratory, like other similar laboratory activities, does not provide for an exam. The constant and active participation in the lessons, monitored by the attendance register, will therefore determine the achievement of eligibility.

To obtain eligibility, it is essential to attend at least 80% of the classes. For students who have attended less than 80% of the lessons, it will therefore not be possible to proceed with the minutes of the Theater Laboratory.

Teaching tools

Projections of video materials, reading and analysis of texts, writing exercises in the classroom.

Office hours

See the website of Elena Cervellati