28119 - Work Placement (1) )LM) (G.D)

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Simona Negruzzo

  • Credits 6

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

  • Campus of Bologna

  • Degree Programme Second cycle degree programme (LM) in History and Oriental Studies (cod. 8845)


This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Quality education Gender equality Reduced inequalities

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the internship, the student acquires specific competences (handle complex information, apply critical and self-critical abilities, capacity of analysis and synthesis) related to the integration in a productive, business or institutional reality, by concretely experiencing its work organization modalities. In addition, the student acquires specific competences related to the company’s or institution’s sector, in which he/she is doing the internship and the ability to identify the most appropriate learning opportunities with respect to his/her abilities and inclinations.

Course contents

The curricular internship is a training activity that allows students to acquire the credits required in the course plan and is an opportunity to acquire practical skills and encourage a first contact with the world of work. The internship is activated on the basis of an agreement stipulated between the University of Bologna and the host organization (company, public body, professional firm, etc.) and an internship program signed by the interested parties.


To whom it is addressed

The Internship must take place within the course of study and to be able to perform it you must be regularly enrolled. For this course the internship is a training activity of your choice. After having inserted it in the study plan of the 2nd year of a master's degree you can do it starting from the year in which it is scheduled; you cannot perform this activity during the 1st registration.



Except for different national or European legal provisions, the internship normally has a duration of 25 hours for each training credit assigned to this type of activity in the course teaching plan. The internship must be completed within 6 months from the start date.


How to choose the company or institution

The internship can be carried out at facilities both inside the University and outside, in Italy and abroad [http://www.unibo.it/it/internazionale/tirocini-estero]. To choose where to carry out the internship, you can consult the list of the structures affiliated with the University and / or the internship offers already published on Tirocini online [https://tirocini-studenti.unibo.it/tirocini/studenti/loginStudenti.htm ].



The requests will be validated by the university tutor you indicated and by the competent Internship Commission without needing to contact him or solicit his reply. Then follow the procedure that will be indicated by the emails that arrive at the University's institutional address.

Download the internship program form to be signed and to be signed by the company from the Internships online application [https://tirocini-studenti.unibo.it/tirocini/studenti/loginStudenti.htm].

Attach the internship program signed by you and the company and wait for approval.

Download the attendance register to start.

N.B. In no case may the internship start if the aforementioned procedure has not been completed; The internship can only be done in the period between the start / end dates reported in the program form and in the attendance register.


How to activate the internship

1) choose the internship in the study plan;

2) attend the course on health and safety [https://elearning-sicurezza.unibo.it/] on workplaces (module 1 and module 2) pursuant to article 37 c. 2 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and obtain relative certification.

The certificates obtained in previous school or work experiences, which could replace the frequency of the online course, can be considered valid; to verify their validity the interested parties must send the certificates to spp.formazione@unibo.it [mailto: spp.formazione@unibo.it]

3) [mailto: spp.formazione@unibo.it] submit an internship application for offers and / or self-candidatures for the companies of your interest, exclusively through the online Internship application [https://tirocini-studenti.unibo.it /tirocini/studenti/loginStudenti.htm] indicating the name of the university tutor


Teaching methods

During the internship

During the period of the internship you will have to keep in contact with your academic tutor, to whom you can contact for any support or advice on how to carry out the activities, and you will have to record the daily activity carried out in the attendance register.

The hours of training must be recorded in the period between the start / end dates reported in the attendance register. Under current legislation, the curricular internship cannot last more than 40 hours per week for no more than 8 hours a day.

Before leaving the Hosting Party, you must ensure that the register has been countersigned by the referent of the host structure.


Assessment methods

What to do at the end of the internship

At the end of the internship you will have to enter on the Internship Online [https://tirocini-studenti.unibo.it/tirocini/studenti/loginStudenti.htm] the end date of the internship and attach the attendance register; you will receive an email notification to complete the trainee's questionnaire; the institution will receive the notice to complete the evaluation questionnaire. The questionnaires must be uploaded within 30 days of the end of the activity. For verbalization of the internship you must contact your tutor by e-mail and agree on a date for the final interview in which to present a brief report to the tutor on the experience carried out. At the end of the interview, the tutor will record the outcome of the internship on AlmaEsami.


Interruption or extension of the internship

It is possible to extend the curricular internship at the host institution / company only if you have not managed to reach the minimum number of hours established to obtain the credits required by your course of study. The extension, which must contain all the personal data of the trainee, the indication of the university tutor and the dates of the beginning and end (foreseen and actual) of the internship, must be communicated by the Entity, strictly within the expected date of conclusion of the internship, via e-mail, to the Traineeships Office (aform.tirocinilettere@unibo.it [mailto: aform.tirocinilettere@unibo.it])

N.B. in no case will the internship last more than six months.



It is possible to interrupt the curricular internship for any reason. The interruption, which must contain all the personal data of the trainee, the indication of the university tutor and the dates of the beginning and end (foreseen and actual) of the internship, must be communicated by the Entity, strictly before the date of completion of the internship , via e-mail, to the Traineeships Office (aform.tirocinilettere@unibo.it [mailto: aform.tirocinilettere@unibo.it]).

After the interruption the student will have to start the curricular internship at another structure and will not be able to be recognized the hours made previously.


Teaching tools

Request for recognition of the Internship.

If required by the academic regulations of the course of study, you can request recognition of the internship for an activity related to the educational objectives of the course of study and lasting at least equal to the hours of the internship.

The activity carried out can be: - subordinate work activity (temporary or permanent) or project work or apprenticeship activities etc., with the exclusion of self-employment activities (question 1), - National Civil Service activities (question 2), - voluntary work with insurance coverage by the institution (question 3)

You can request recognition: after entering the internship in the study plan; after the conclusion of the activity carried out (in Italy or abroad); regardless of the existence of an agreement for the performance of training activities between the host organization where the activity was carried out and the University of Bologna.

For the recognition it is necessary to fill in and submit the appropriate application according to the type of activity carried out (see above) and deliver it to one of the professors of the commission. The Traineeships Commission will then verify the admissibility of the request and the regularity of the documentation, to express a positive or negative opinion. The opinion will be taken to the study course council which will deliberate. If the council approves the award, the student will see "Rc" in his career


Insurance coverage

The University of Bologna guarantees insurance coverage against accidents at work, as well as civil liability, with insurance companies operating in the sector. In the case of transfers to locations or facilities not indicated in the already approved curricular internship program, you can request the extension of insurance coverage even during the internship, provided that the transfers are in any case consistent with the objectives of the internship.

Insurance coverage is only guaranteed during the approved period on the Internship Program. The hours of training carried out before the approved start date will be canceled, the hours carried out after the approved date and not motivated by an extension request, will be canceled and removed from the number of hours necessary for the acquisition of the credits required by the teaching plan.


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