15640 - Structural Monitoring

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

The course consists in Learning methods relating to Non Destructive Tecniques (NDT), Semi-Destructive and Destructive Tests, with particular reference to the diagnosis of reinfoced concrete, steel, masonry and wooden structures. The analysis aims to determine mechanical and phisical properties of such materials.

Course contents

Non-Destructive , Semi-Destructive and Destrutive Tecniques with particular reference to the diagnosis of reinforced concrete, steel, masonry and wooden damaged structures, to the selection of the zone to be investigated and instruments to be used. Limitations and advantages of each tecnique and interprations of data. Besides,the most recent advances in structural sensors will be illustrated.The testing analysis aims to determine mechanical properties of such materials. The student will gain the necessary experience in the use of the experimental equipment .


J.H. Bunghey, Non destructive Testing in Civil Engineering, The British Institute NDT, 1993.

Italian and Eurepean Codes

Teaching methods

After some revisions in itinere, the student is admitted to an oral exam.

Assessment methods

Teaching activities include a series of collective reviews of the works in progress, after which students will present :a) a case-study b) an insight into some tests used in structural diagnostics.

To verify the achievement of learning outcomes, the following criteria will be applied.

A maximum score of 15 will be assigned to each presentation, sum of the following scores:

1) up to 5  for congruence between theoretical and practical aspects;

2) up to 5  for completeness and organization;

3) up to 5  for clarity, synthesis and effectiveness.

The final quotation will be the sum of the two partial quotations.

Teaching tools

Some notes will be available electronically via the digital platform.

Office hours

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