Crédit Agricole fiduciary loans - "Finanziamo gli studi Università di Bologna”

Under an agreement with Crédit Agricole Italia S.p.A. The University of Bologna offers its students the opportunity to apply for a loan, without any need for secured or unsecured guarantees from third parties.

Crédit Agricole, through the "Finanziamo gli studi Università di Bologna” fiduciary loan, provides you with a credit of up to 5,000 euros for one year. At the end of that period, you will be granted a personal loan equal to the amount of the credit you used through the loan. 

To apply for a fiduciary loan you must participate in one of the calls for application that will be published during the academic year.

Information about the methods and requirements for participation and the conditions, duration and amount of the loans can be found in the individual calls.

Call for applications for the loan

Applications are now open for the Crédit Agricole Fiduciary Loan "Finanziamo gli studi Università di Bologna" - academic year 2022/23 for students enrolled in Professional Master’s programmes and Post-graduate vocational training programmes.

The deadline for submitting the application has been extended until 26 May.

How to apply online

The application for a fiduciary loan can be only be submitted online and only when the call for application is open.

  1. access Studenti Online using you SPID credentials;
  2. click on the “calls” button;
  3. select the required call. 

N.B. Non-Italian students must attach the identity card issued to them by an Italian municipality. Both sides of the identity card must be attached. The application will be rejected if an attached document is incomplete, or if no document is attached.