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Villiam Bortolotti

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/30 Hydrocarbons and Underground Fluids


Bonduà, S.; Bortolotti, V., A tool for pathline creation using TOUGH simulation results and fully unstructured 3D Voronoi grids, «ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE», 2019, 115, pp. 63 - 75 [Scientific article]

Tinti Francesco, Azzolin Marco, Bonduà Stefano, Zanetti Emanuele, Bortolin Stefano, Busato Giulio, Focaccia Sara, Cazorla Marín Antonio, Bortolotti Villiam, Sequential coupled simulation of a dual source heat pump and shallow geothermal reservoir, in: European Geothermal Congress, EGC 2019 : Proceedings, Brussels, EGEC : European Geothermal Energy Council, 2019, pp. 1 - 9 (atti di: European Geothermal Congress, EGC 2019, The Hague (NL), 11-14 June 2019) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

V.Bortolotti, L.Brizi, P.Fantazzini, G.Landi, F.Zama, Upen2DTool: A Uniform PENalty Matlabtool for inversion of 2DNMR relaxation data, «SOFTWAREX», 2019, 10, pp. 100302 - 100306 [Scientific article]

Brizi, L.; Barbieri, M.; Baruffaldi, F.; Bortolotti, V.; Fersini, C.; Liu, H.; Nogueira d'Eurydice, M.; Obruchkov, S.; Zong, F.; Galvosas, P.; Fantazzini, P., Bone Volume-to-total Volume Ratio Measured in Trabecular Bone by Single – Sided NMR Devices, «MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE», 2018, 79, pp. 501 - 510 [Scientific article]

Tinti, Francesco; Carri, Andrea; Kasmaee, Sara; Valletta, Alessandro; Segalini, Andrea; Bonduà, Stefano; Bortolotti, Villiam, Ground temperature monitoring for a coaxial geothermal heat exchangers field: practical aspects and main issues from the first year of measurements, «RUDARSKO-GEOLOSKO-NAFTNI ZBORNIK», 2018, 33, pp. 47 - 57 [Scientific article]

Bortolotti, V.; Brown, R. J. S.; Fantazzini, P.; Landi, G.; Zama, F, I2DUPEN: Improved 2DUPEN algorithm for inversion of two-dimensional NMR data, «MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS», 2018, 269, pp. 195 - 198 [Scientific article]

Ester Maria Vasini; Alfredo Battistelli; Paolo Berry; Stefano Bonduà; Villiam Bortolotti; Carlo Cormio; Lehua Pan, Interpretation of production tests in geothermal wells with T2Well-EWASG, «GEOTHERMICS», 2018, 73, pp. 158 - 167 [Scientific article]

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Tataranni, Piergiorgio*; Besemer, Giulia Maria; Bortolotti, Villiam; Sangiorgi, Cesare, Preliminary research on the physical and mechanical properties of alternative lightweight aggregates produced by alkali-activation ofwaste powders, «MATERIALS», 2018, 10, pp. 1255 - 1272 [Scientific article]

Barbieri, M.; Brizi, L.; Bortolotti, V.; Fantazzini, P.; Nogueira d’Eurydice, M.; Obruchkov, S.; Liu, H.; Galvosas, P., Single-sided NMR for the diagnosis of osteoporosis: Diffusion weighted pulse sequences for the estimation of trabecular bone volume fraction in the presence of muscle tissue, «MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS», 2018, 269, pp. 166 - 170 [Scientific article]

Tinti, Francesco; Kasmaee, Sara; Elkarmoty, Mohamed; Bonduà, Stefano; Bortolotti, Villiam, Suitability Evaluation of Specific Shallow Geothermal Technologies Using a GIS-Based Multi Criteria Decision Analysis Implementing the Analytic Hierarchic Process, «ENERGIES», 2018, 11, pp. 1 - 21 [Scientific article]

Stefano Bonduà; Villiam Bortolotti; Paolo Macini; Ezio Mesini; Ester Maria Vasini, 3D Voronoi Pre- and Post- Processing Tools for Using the Tough2 Family of Numerical Simulator for Hydrocarbon Gas Migration, in: Offshore Mediterranean Conference,OMC-2017, 2017, pp. 1 - 10 (atti di: Offshore Mediterranean Conference,OMC-2017, Ravenna, 29-31 Marzo 2017) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Bonduà, Stefano; Battistelli, Alfredo; Berry, Paolo; Bortolotti, Villiam; Consonni, Alberto; Cormio, Carlo; Geloni, Claudio; Vasini, Ester Maria, 3D Voronoi grid dedicated software for modeling gas migration in deep layered sedimentary formations with TOUGH2-TMGAS, «COMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES», 2017, 108, pp. 50 - 55 [Scientific article]

Barbieri, M.; Brizi, L.; Bortolotti, V.; Fantazzini, P.; Sýkora, S.; Testa, C., A flexible software for NMR pulse sequence simulations, first applications to MR-Fingerprinting: Quantification of myelin water fraction in white matter and diffusion coefficient measurement, in: ISMRM Workshop series 2017, Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting, 2017, pp. 11 - 11 (atti di: ISMRM Workshop series 2017, Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting, Cleveland, OH, USA, 15-17 October 2017) [Poster]

Camaiti, M.; Brizi, L.; Bortolotti, V.; Papacchini, A.; Salvini, A.; Fantazzini, P., An Environmental Friendly Fluorinated Oligoamide for Producing Non-Wetting Coatings with High Performance on Porous Surfaces, «ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES», 2017, 9, pp. 37279 - 37288 [Scientific article]

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