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Villiam Bortolotti

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/30 Hydrocarbons and Underground Fluids


Camaiti, M.; Brizi, L.; Bortolotti, V.; Papacchini, A.; Salvini, A.; Fantazzini, P., An Environmental Friendly Fluorinated Oligoamide for Producing Non-Wetting Coatings with High Performance on Porous Surfaces, «ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES», 2017, 9, pp. 37279 - 37288 [Scientific article]

Bam, B.B.; Bonduà, S.; V. Bortolotti; P. Macini; E. Mesini; E.M. Vasini, CHARACTERIZATION OF THE RESERVOIR ROCK SATURATING FLUIDS BY THE NMR PERFIDI SEQUENCE, in: Offshore Mediterranean Conference,OMC-2017, 2017, pp. 1 - 6 (atti di: Offshore Mediterranean Conference,OMC-2017, Ravenna, 29-31 Marzo 2017) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Tinti, Francesco; Kasmaee, Sara; Elkarmoty, Mohamed; Bonduà, Stefano; Bortolotti, Villiam, Deliverable D7.2. GEOTeCH Project. Mapping and Risk Assessment, 2017. [Technical report]

Bortolotti, V.; Brizi, L.; Fantazzini, P.; Landi, G.; Zama, F., Filtering techniques for efficient inversion of two-dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance data, «JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONFERENCE SERIES», 2017, 904, pp. 012005 - 012015 [Scientific article]

Barbieri, M.; Brizi, L.; Bortolotti, V.; Fantazzini, P., MR Fingerprinting for partial volume fractions quantification: A simulation study, in: Atti 103 Congresso Nazionale SIF, 2017, pp. 234 - 234 (atti di: 103 Congresso Nazionale SIF, Trento, 11-15 settembre 2017) [Abstract]

Brizi, L.; Bortolotti, V.; Barbieri, M.; Fantazzini, P., Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for fluids in Porous Media: Applications for Cultural Heritage, Environmental sustainability and Human Healthcare, in: Interpore-conference-programs, 2017(atti di: 9 Int Conf on Porous Media and Annual Meeting, Rotterdam, 8-11 May 2017) [Poster]

Battistelli, Alfredo; Berry, Paolo; Bonduà, Stefano; Bortolotti, Villiam; Consonni, Alberto; Cormio, Carlo; Geloni, Claudio; Vasini, Ester M., Thermodynamics-related processes during the migration of acid gases and methane in deep sedimentary formations, «GREENHOUSE GASES», 2017, 7, pp. 295 - 312 [Scientific article]

Bortolotti, V; Brown, R J S; Fantazzini, P; Landi, G; Zama, F, Uniform Penalty inversion of two-dimensional NMR relaxation data, «INVERSE PROBLEMS», 2017, 33, pp. 1 - 19 [Scientific article]

Bonduà, Stefano; Battistelli, Alfredo; Berry, Paolo; Bortolotti, Villiam; Consonni, Alberto; Cormio, Carlo; Geloni, Claudio; Vasini, Ester Maria, 3D Voronoi grid dedicated software for modeling gas migration in deep layered sedimentary formations with TOUGH2-TMGAS, «COMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES», 2017, 108, pp. 50 - 55 [Scientific article]

Stefano Bonduà; Villiam Bortolotti; Paolo Macini; Ezio Mesini; Ester Maria Vasini, 3D Voronoi Pre- and Post- Processing Tools for Using the Tough2 Family of Numerical Simulator for Hydrocarbon Gas Migration, in: Offshore Mediterranean Conference,OMC-2017, 2017, pp. 1 - 10 (atti di: Offshore Mediterranean Conference,OMC-2017, Ravenna, 29-31 Marzo 2017) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Bondua, Stefano; Bortolotti, Villiam, Caratterizzazione delle risorse geotermiche del bacino geotermico dell’area vulcanica orvietana, 2016, pp. 269 . [Technical report]

Tinti, Francesco; Bortolotti, Villiam; Bondua', Stefano, Deliverable D 7.1 GEOTeCH Project. Market Assessment, 2016. [Technical report]

Francesco, Tinti; Villiam, Bortolotti; Stefano, Bondua; Roberto, Bruno, Deliverable 2.1 - GEOTeCH Project - Report on the evaluation of available information, 2016. [Technical report]

Tylewicz, Urszula; Aganovic, Kemal; Vannini, Marianna; Toepfl, Stefan; Bortolotti, Villiam; Dalla Rosa, Marco; Oey, Indrawati; Heinz, Volker, Effect of pulsed electric field treatment on water distribution of freeze-dried apple tissue evaluated with DSC and TD-NMR techniques, «INNOVATIVE FOOD SCIENCE & EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES», 2016, 37, pp. 352 - 358 [Scientific article]

BENITO MARTIN, Patricia; Bortolotti, Villiam; Fornasari, Giuseppe; Vannini, Marianna, Evaluation of effect of soil organic matter on pores by 1H time-domain magnetic resonance relaxometry and adsorption-desorption of N2, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SOIL SCIENCE», 2016, 67, pp. 314 - 323 [Scientific article]

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