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Tullia Gallina Toschi

Full Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/15 Food Science and Technology


Ruolo editoriale nella rivista «AIMS AGRICULTURE AND FOOD»

Coordination of a Research Project: FOOD CROSSING DISTRICT - Simbiosi industriale: due nuovi alimenti da sottoprodotti ed una mappa delle relative economie circolari in Emilia Romagna.

Coordination of a Research Project: Individual differences in the acceptability of healthy foods: focus on phenol and fat content.

Ruolo editoriale nella rivista «Italian Journal of Food Science»

Ruolo editoriale nella rivista «Journal of Food Composition and Analysis»

Coordination of a Research Project: OLEUM - Advanced solutions for assuring authenticity and quality of OO at global scale.

Coordination of a Research Project: PLOTINA - Promoting gender balance and inclusion in research, innovation and training.

Grossi, Marco; Valli, Enrico; Bendini, Alessandra; Gallina Toschi, Tullia; Riccò, Bruno, A Portable Battery-Operated Sensor System for Simple and Rapid Assessment of Virgin Olive Oil Quality Grade, «CHEMOSENSORS», 2022, 10, Article number: 102 , pp. 1 - 20 [Scientific article]Open Access

Tura, Matilde; Mandrioli, Mara; Valli, Enrico; Rubino, Rosamaria Cristina; Parentela, Dylan; Toschi, Tullia Gallina, Changes in the composition of a cold-pressed hemp seed oil during three months of storage, «JOURNAL OF FOOD COMPOSITION AND ANALYSIS», 2022, 106, pp. 104270 - 104270 [Scientific article]

Aparicio-Ruiz R.; Ortiz Romero C.; Casadei E.; Garcia-Gonzalez D.L.; Servili M.; Selvaggini R.; Lacoste F.; Escobessa J.; Vichi S.; Quintanilla-Casas B.; Golay P.-A.; Lucci P.; Moret E.; Valli E.; Bendini A.; Gallina Toschi T., Collaborative peer validation of a harmonized SPME-GC-MS method for analysis of selected volatile compounds in virgin olive oils, «FOOD CONTROL», 2022, 135, Article number: 108756 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]Open Access

Robino A.; Concas M.P.; Spinelli S.; Pierguidi L.; Tepper B.J.; Gasparini P.; Prescott J.; Monteleone E.; Gallina Toschi T.; Torri L.; Pagliarini E.; Gasperi F.; Dinnella C., Combined influence of TAS2R38 genotype and PROP phenotype on the intensity of basic tastes, astringency and pungency in the Italian taste project, «FOOD QUALITY AND PREFERENCE», 2022, 95, Article number: 104361 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]

Tura M.; Ansorena D.; Astiasaran I.; Mandrioli M.; Toschi T.G., Evaluation of Hemp Seed Oils Stability under Accelerated Storage Test, «ANTIOXIDANTS», 2022, 11, Article number: 490 , pp. 1 - 18 [Scientific article]Open Access

Quintanilla-Casas B.; Torres-Cobos B.; Guardiola F.; Servili M.; Alonso-Salces R.M.; Valli E.; Bendini A.; Toschi T.G.; Vichi S.; Tres A., Geographical authentication of virgin olive oil by GC–MS sesquiterpene hydrocarbon fingerprint: Verifying EU and single country label-declaration, «FOOD CHEMISTRY», 2022, 378, Article number: 132104 , pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]Open Access

Valli, Enrico; Tesini, Federica; Tura, Matilde; Soglia, Francesca; Petracci, Massimiliano; Bendini, Alessandra; Gallina Toschi, Tullia, Instrumental and Sensory Analyses of Salami from Autochthonous and Conventional Pig Breeds, «FOODS», 2022, 11, Article number: 2060 , pp. 1 - 19 [Scientific article]Open Access

Matilde Tura, Mara Mandrioli, Enrico Valli, Caterina Dinnella, Tullia Gallina Toschi, Key-elements for the evaluation of cold-pressed hemp seed oils sensory terroir, in: Contributo in atti di convegno relativi al convegno EuroSense 2022, 2022(atti di: EUROSENSE 2022: A Sense of Earth 10th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research, Turku, Finland, 13-16 September 2022) [Poster]

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